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Y/n pov

I woke up this times it was dark out.

No sun, just dark.

I look around, no Mattheo.

Where the hell is he.

just then the door opened showing Mattheo.

He turned on the light and closed the door behind him.

"Where were u" I asked him, sitting up.

He looked at me and walked over to a drawer.

"With Theodore, why" he asked grabbing a pair of sweat pants and a shirt.

"Just asking" I said, why the hell is he always out this late.

I look at the clock 2 am what the hell.

Why was he out at this time.

I look at Mattheo just to see him changing into his sweat pants and shirt.

"What" he asked me walking over to the bed.

"Nothing" I said.

I didn't trust him right now, it's just weird at how he was out at this time.

I looked at him again as he was laying down fixing his pillows.

"u okay?" He stopped and looked at me, I looked at him for a little before responding "yeah, I'm fine" I said laying down.

I turn to my side just for him to pull me close to him.

I can feel his warmth surrounding me.
I lean in getting more comfortable, his warmth making me calm.

I slowly start to drift off to sleep, feeling safe and calm.


I woke up this time it was sunrise.

I turn around to see Mattheo right there, close to me.

I looked at him as he was sleeping.

he looks calm and peaceful.

He slowly started to move around a little.

I moved away a little and watch as he gets comfortable again.

I wonder if it would always be like this, calm.

I look at him as the sun hit his face making his eyes open, his brown eyes in the sun light.

he looked at me and smiled, he pulled me in by my waist smiling down at me as I looked at him.

The sun still shinning in his face.

I leaned in and kissed him deeply, our kiss was so deep, tongues roamed our mouths and teeth were grazing each other.

Mattheo bit my bottom lip, making me open my mouth to moan.

Mattheo's hands moved to my upper body taking off my shirt and threw it somewhere in the room.

I was too impatient, all I wanted was to feel him, feel every inch of him.

I pulled off his shirt revealing his tan abs where I ran down my fingers softly on them until I found his sweat pants.

Quickly pulling his boxers and sweat pants off, my hands found his face cupping both of his cheeks to deepen the kiss, our tongues collided with eagerness.

Mattheo hovered over me, he never broke the kiss and neither did I.

Mattheos hands cupped my breast like they were adjustable only to his hands. I gasped in the kiss, feeling the dampness from my legs.

His lips began to travel down on my jawline, collarbone leaving sloppy kisses and bruises all over my body.

I moaned as his lips captured my erected tits, once at a time, sucking harder, nibbling like they were the most delicious thing he ever had.

I continuously moaned his name when he never let go of my breasts. Suddenly, his finger began to play with my nub making me moan louder.

"So wet for me, darling" he kissed and sucked every inch of me, marking my skin with red and purple.

He went lower, gently spreading my legs wide, giving a slight smirk when I gripped the sheets anticipating the next movement of his.

"M-Mattheo" I almost screamed this time when his tongue played with my folds, circling. He didn't stop but licked and ate me fully. "Oh m-Mattheo"

I couldn't bear the over pleasure in my body.
My whole body began to shake with pleasure, as his hands rested on my thighs stopping my struggle.

"I w-want u" I mumbled, arching my back with closed eyes, gripping the sheets tightly, sinking my nails in.

With another loud scream, I came on his face. My whole body was weaker due to the pleasure he gave me. My breath was unsteady, still closing my eyes.

Mattheo hovered over me, attacking his lips with mine, while his length began to swell in its fullness inside me. The hot tears left my eyes trying so hard to bear the pain.

I bit my bottom lip harfet to forget the pain the pain between my legs as his lips left trails of sloppy kisses on my shoulder, sinking his teeth in my skin.

"You're so tight" he gripped my hips harder to keep the pace and move them to math the rhythm of his thrusts.

My nails dug in his back deeply to hold back the pain mixed with pleasure. He winced when the nails left deep marks on his back, and began increasing the pain.

This time I was going to come quicker than before.

"Matthe, I'm c-close" I panted when he increased the already fastened pace. He sucked and bit on my neck when I felt I was tightened around him.

"Catch ur breath" he leaned down kissing the hot tears on my cheek "we arent finished yet"

The exhausted eyes of mine looked at him in the eye, feeling my wetness slide up and down on him. He pulled our mouths together once more when my orgasm was blindingly and shocking as a wall of pleasure hit me, i released again.

He released inside of me with a low growl as our skin brushed against each other when our lips met a tang of sweat on our skin.

He rolled over to the other side breathing fast just like me. My heart was thumping against my chest still feeling his thrust inside me even if it wasn't.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes, trying to catch my breath until I felt his fingers gently pull the mess strands of hair off from my forehead.

I opened my eyes and looked at him to see his head resting on the head board.

I looked up at the ceiling not thinking of anything just laying their.

I turned to look at Mattheo who was laying down next to me.

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in close to him.

I looked at him in the eyes as he hold me, he nuzzled his face in my neck resting it their.

I played with his hair as he kissed my neck softly.

I slowly started to drift off to sleep.


Going to kms ( that's my humor)

I dropped my phone in snow 😀.

My ex that cheated, best friend asked how much dick I can take 🤨 like boi 🙄😭 and ummm my other ex well I like him and he knows 😃 but he thinks my other ex that cheated, friend and me are dating so...

I'm going to hell for this chapter 😩🙏.

I'm not sure if I like how I wrote the smut but ig it's okay 😁.

Lots of love, gianna.

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