C h a p t e r 7

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"Y/n, y/n wake up" I heard mattheo's voice.

"What" my voice coming out raspy and tired.

"We're here at Hogwarts" as he said that I stood up and accidentally hit my head on his.

"Sorry" I said holding my head in my hands.
"Stop saying sorry, it's annoying and my dad told you when you become a riddle don't say sorry, get used to not saying sorry" Mattheo said grabbing my luggage.

"Right" I was going to say 'right sorry' but then remember he just said to not say sorry.

"Let's go" he said after he got our luggage's.

"I can carry mine" I tried to get my luggage out of his hand but he moved my luggage away from me.

"Yes seriously, I'm not allowing you to carry your luggage" he said.

We walked out of the compartment and walked out of the train.

We walked inside of Hogwarts just to get caught by professed snape.

"Please come with me" snape said turning his back and walking.
I looked at Mattheo who looked back at me,
then we started walking.

We stopped in front of dumbledore's office, snape whispered something and then the door opened.
Snape started walking so me and Mattheo followed behind.
We saw headmaster dumbledore sitting down in a chair.

"Come in please" he said since we were all close to the door.

I walked forward and Mattheo followed me.
Snape left the room.

"Please sit down" he pointed to the chairs in front of his desk.

Mattheo put our luggage down next to the chair.
I sat down and Mattheo did the same.

"Are we in trouble" I asked.
"No dear, your mother and father sent a letter before you came to school" he explained before continuing.
"They said in the letter that they wanted mr. riddle and you to share a room"

God no, please no.

"We got the two of you separate room from your house, that you will be sharing" he explained.

"Here is the key and the directions" he said handing the key and note to Mattheo.

"Your are dismissed" I stood up from the chair and so did Mattheo grabbing our luggage.

We were closed to leaving but before leaving we heard dumbledore say "congratulations the two of you"

"Thank you headmaster dumbledore" I said before leaving Mattheo right behind.

"That was so weird" I said once we were away from his office.

"You think my dad is trying to kill him" Mattheo said.

"Where are we going" I asked.

"To our room, I can't believe your parents are making us share a room at Hogwarts" he complain.

"Oh shut up" I said.

Dinner was probably over by now and I have to tell my friends about we're my dorm is.

We got to our dorm and he used the key to open it.

"I'm going to shower" I said walking inside the bathroom.

"Ok" he went over to the couch and sat down, watching the fire.

I closed the door and took of my clothes.
I went inside the shower turning on the water feeling it run through my body.

I finished with my shower and open the curtain to see a bunch of steam.

I looked for a towel just to see there wasn't any inside the bathroom.

"Mattheo" I said putting my head half way through the door.

"Yeah" he said turning around and when he saw my head his expression changed to confused.

"What are you doing" he asked.
"Can you give me a towel" I asked.
"Let me think... no" he turned his head back to the fire.
"Please Mattheo"
"No" he said not letting his eyes leave the fire.
I took advantage of him looking at the fire.
I open the door wider and walked out naked.
I ran to my luggage and open it, I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me.

I walked back in the bathroom and changed into pjs.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Mattheo in bed, already in pjs.
Never thought I would see the Mattheo riddle in pjs.

I walked over to the bed and realized that we have to share one.

"Did dumbledore give us only one bed" I asked.
"Yep" he said popping the 'p'

I laid down next to him.
There was a long silence, it wasn't a comforting silent, no, it was more like 'should I sleep in the couch because this is awkward sharing a bed for a whole year'

"Should I sleep in the couch" I asked.
I started to get up and grab a little blanket but he grabbed my arm.
"No, don't"
I looked at him confused.
"I mean we will have to share this bed technically for the rest of the year" he explained.
He let go of my arm after that and turn his back the other side.

I laid back down, turning my back to him, getting ready to sleep.

I usually cuddle with a pillow but since there wasn't that many and I was using two I grabbed one and put it by my right side.

I laid down and hugged the pillow putting my head on the bed and wrapping my legs and arms around the pillow.

What can I say, I sleep weird.

I slowly was falling into deep sleep when I heard a soft whisper form Mattheo "goodnight"
That was the last thing I heard before sleeping.


To be honest that is how I actually sleep at night and I'm currently in bed writing this so my pillow is next to me.

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