C h a p t e r 17

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Y/n malfoy pov

"Oh look it's my dear niece" bellatrix said in a mocking tone as she opened the door to her room in the manor.

"Why are you here, doesn't my dear sister not want you around bad influence" she said.

"What are the darkest spells you use" I ask her.

She looked at me amused before having that classic smirk on her face.

"Is my dear niece not so innocent" she said, sarcastically.

"Cut the crap and show me dark spells" I said.

"Oo I've never seen this side of you, oh I love this side of you" she said.

Just then she said surprising words that I thought would never come out of her mouth.

"Come in" she said opening the door wide enough.

I walked in to see her room, a mess.

"You want to learn dark spells, we'll you came to the right person" she said calmly.

"I need you to not tell anyone that I'm asking you to help me with spells" I said to her.

"Oo lying I see, I love it, don't worry I won't tell anyone but if I teach you it will not be here" she grabbed my arm with her hand and took me outside the room.

She started to walk outside the manor then took me to this place I have never seen before.

"This is where all the death eaters train, we battle each other, this" she stood in a place of grass "is where I kill one of the death eaters" she said before laughing, that maniac laugh.

"Oh sweat niece do you want to be like your mother" she asked me, walking towards me.

"Do you want your husband not be able to even fight for his daughter, protect his daughter from an psycho ex that is living in his home this exact moment" she said now standing in front of me.

"Or do you want to be like me, be able to protect yourself and I guess your family" she said with a hint of disgust in her voice, when she said the family part.

"You can be like me y/n have power show no one weakness, haven't you always wanted that, image seeing the look on zayn, Mattheo, Draco and your parents face when they see the new you, you will be unstoppable" she told me.

"But of course it's you choice" she said walking away calmly.

After a few minutes I decided as I saw her walk campy away farther and farther.

"Teach me how to be like you" I said, making her stop in her tracks and turn around looking at me.

"Oh I thought I would never hear does words from anyone but look here it's my own sisters daughter telling me that" she said, she started to walk back to me and stoped right in front of me.

"I think all black suits you instead of this" she said pointing at my jeans and pink sweater.

"You need to change your attitude, your style and your spells" She told me.

She started to inspect me before stopping and looking back at me.

"See all those light colors don't suit you try full black clothes or red or simple colors like badge, no pink or purple" she said before continuing "come on let's clean up your closet then buy you more clothes" she said pulling on my arm.

We soon made it back to the manor.
As soon as we walked in I saw zayn.

"What are you doing with her love" zayn said.

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