C h a p t e r 40

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Y/n pov

I open my eyes slowly feeling the sun hit my face through the curtains I opened my eyes fully and looked around as my vision got clear. I laid there staring at the ceiling before there was a knock on the door "come in" I said and in came my mom and Bella "how are u feeling" my mom asked me "did he tell u" I said she nodded her head, its to early to cry y/n I thought.

(the night we met is playing 😭😭)

"I can't believe my little girl is pregnant" she said as she moved one of my front hairs I felt a tear slide down my cheek "Im scared mom" I whispered to her "it's going to be okay dear" she said as she hugged me, "u are going to be okay" she reassured me as she ran her hands through my hair "if u need anything while ur at Hogwarts send a letter" she said as she pulled away "alright" I smiled at her "how are u and Mattheo" I said "u saw the newspaper" I said/asked "yeah" she nodded her head I laughed at how she was.

"I'm mad at him right now, he keeps saying for me to let him explain but I don't want him too" I said "let him explain" cissy said "don't let him explain he is going to say a lie" bella said "I agree with Bella" I said cissy rolled her eyes at us both "well does he at least know" she asked "no and I want to keep it that way, I don't want him finding out yet it's barely my second day knowing" I said "well u should eat right now I know u are probably starving or the child is so get up" she said as she pulled the covers off I felt the cold air hit my skin.

"What's today" I asked "September 27 a couple more days till October" she said I stood up from the bed and went to the kitchen with aunt bella and cissy. I walked into the kitchen and cissy started to make pancakes "how are u dear" bella asked "on the verge of breaking down" I said "it's going to be alright u are stressing it to much trust me u will be fine all u have to do really is just wait till that baby pops out" she said I laughed at her words "right and a bunch of more days of me throwing up, feeling sick and wanting to die" I said "right that too" she said as she grabbed a pancake I grabbed one as well and started to eat.

It felt nice since it was warm and I was cold right now, I grabbed two more pancakes and I looked up at bella, she smiled at me "u are actually feeding the baby now instead of just drinking water" she said "whatever" I rolled my eyes I finished my third pancake and put my dish in the sink "do u not one more" cissy asked "no mom I'm good" I said "are u sure" she asked "yeah I'm full" I said "oh alright remember in a hour or three u are going back to Hogwarts" she said "yeah I know mom" I said she kissed me on my forehead and let me go.

I walked out the kitchen and walked the halls I actually feel better today I thought as I walked to Draco's room to bother him, I knock on the door and heard a muffle come in I opened the door and saw him on his bed still some what passed out I jumped on the bed and grabbed a pillow hitting him with it "how come ur happy?" He asked me as he took the pillow away "because I ate so good today and I just feel good" I said "ugh well feel bad again" he said.

"Whatever u just don't want to see me happy" I said "I don't want to see u at all" he said "ugh rude" I said "go bother someone else" he said "but I love bothering u" I said "I didn't bother me before when u where with him" he said "we don't mention the guy that got me pregnant" I said "well I just did" he said "u are being so rude why?" I asked "did aurora beat u up again" I asked "no" he rolled his eyes "I just feel like she dosent like me" he said "well sucks to suck" I said "seriously" he said "my bad I guess" I said.

"Well just tell her u have feelings for her" I said "I'm scared too" he said "I know cause ur a fucking pussy" I said "says the one who has one" he said "yet I don't act like one" I said "leave me alone go bother someone else u are no help" he said "okay goodbye pussy" I said as I stood up from the bed and left closing the door behind me.

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