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Y/n pov

I woke up with the alarm going off again.

Ugh I want to kill this alarm, I reached my arm out trying to turn off the alarm without opening my eyes, I was about to turn it off before Mattheo opened his eyes annoyed and turn the alarm off.

"It isn't that hard to turn off the alarm darling" he said his voice coming off raspy and deep "I didn't want to open my eyes" I said closing my eyes again "come on, we have classes" he said kissing my forehead, this better not be an act he has because I really love how he is with me right now.

"I don't want to get up" I said yawning pressing my head into his chest harder "come on" he said pulling my head up for me to look at him "what if we just stay in" I whispered, "no it's barely our second day" he said"well u made me not go to my 4th period to fuck in the broom closet, so I know u aren't talking about skipping class" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"You're right but that was for a good reason" he said smiling at me, "well then we can miss the classes for a good reason" I said smirking at him "if u think I'm going to just miss my classes to do what I think u are thinking then, yeah I will" he said nodding, I laughed a little before kissing him.

He pulled me on top of him, both my legs now straddling his hips. He sat up and leaned his back against the head board, my hands moved to his hair, tugging at it softly.

Mattheo's hands reached to pull of my clothes, leaving me in my bra and underwear. Mattheo kisses traveled down my body, marking every inch of me, he attacked my neck, stomach and arms. He went back up to my neck and traced the bruised spots with his tongue.

I pulled mattheo's pants down as he took his shirt off, leaving him only in his boxers, he un clipped my bra, kissing my chest while his hands where on my waist.

Mattheo's hands took control over my body, moving my hips against him slowly. I moaned as Mattheo forced me to grind on him and the grips he had on my hips sent heat to my lower half.

Mattheo groaned into my mouth as I took full control, I moved my body against his, gripping on to his hair tightly. I felt his erection grow.

Mattheo broke the kiss as he leaned his head back, his mouth agape. His breathing picked up and I moved my hands to his bicep, gripping them tightly.

Mattheo snapped his head back up towards my mouth again, his kissed ruined me, he bit and sucked hardly, claiming my mouth as his. His hands now circling my back. Mattheo pulled away again, flipping me over now me being the bottom.

He kissed my neck trailing down to my legs kissing the inner part of my thighs, he tore off my underwear throwing it somewhere around the room, he kissed my center, and I let out a loud moan.

I wrapped my legs around his head as he started to bury himself in me, his tongue roaming around my sensitive area. "Shit!" I yelled, as he began to suck harder. My hands reached his hair, intertwining my fingers through his dark brown locks.

I looked down at him, his hand gripping her waist tightly as he sucked all over. My head flung back as he added a finger inside me and my eyes rolled back.

"Mattheo!" I moaned, his teeth grazing over my area. "I-I'm close-" i stuttered out, my voice shaking due to the man between my legs.

"Not yet" he mumbled, his voice sending vibrations through my body and I clamped my legs around his head tighter.

He then removed his hand from me and opened my legs up, holding them down. I tried to bring them up again but he only pushed down further, the feeling making me scream out his name again.

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