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Mel pulled the toy out of me as he wiped the tears off my face

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Mel pulled the toy out of me as he wiped the tears off my face. "You're so pretty when you cry." He mumbled. I breathed out heavily trying to catch my breath, looking down seeing the bulge in his pants. I could feel my body heat up all over again at the thought of him being inside me. He leaned down kissing down my neck to my chest sending chills down my spine every time he kissed me. I looked down at him feeling his tongue on my nipple making my body start to tingle. I squirmed under him getting impatient. He leaned away from my chest chuckling as he looked down at me. "You look so desperate." He said sliding his fingers down my neck lightly. "Tell me what you want." He said staring into my eyes. I stared back for a second before letting out a groan. I covered my face with my hands as I started to get nervous. I always got so embarrassed when he would tell me to say what I wanted. "No look at me." He said sternly grabbing my wrists with his free hand pulling them away from my face. I pouted staring up at him. "Talk to me." He said grinning.

My heartbeat sped up sounding like it would burst out of my chest. I hesitated before speaking. "I wanna feel you, inside of me." I said softly hearing my voice shake. He smiled sliding his hand to my chest gripping it. "Yea?" He said in a raspy voice. "You gotta be patient." He said lowly, his fingers fondling with my nipples. I whimpered as his fingers pinched them making my body jerk slightly. He let out a low chuckle moving his hands down to my bare waist. I felt him tracing lightly on my skin towards my inner thigh giving me butterflies. I wanted him so bad. I looked up at him with a needy expression pulling at the waistband of his pants.

"Please." I whined. He placed his thumb on my bottom lip sliding it down with an entertained look on his face. "Say it again." He said. "Please." I said softly staring into his eyes. He hummed lowly leaning down close to my face so that our noses almost touched. "You're such a good girl." He said pushing his thumb into my mouth making me suck on it. His thumb pushed underneath my tongue in my mouth as he watched me looking mesmerized. I closed my eyes slightly holding on to his forearm. He pulled his thumb out of my mouth looking at the string of saliva drip from my tongue to his thumb. He stared at it dribble down my lip for a second with a wanting expression on his face. I tried hard to keep myself from leaning in and kissing him first. He was teasing so much tonight I couldn't take it.

He hesitated a bit before leaning in licking my bottom lip where my saliva dripped then kissing me. I moaned softly into his mouth while he kissed me. I've been wanting to kiss him so bad this whole time. I reached up wrapping my arms around his neck deepening it. He tried to pull away making me lean up kissing him more. I didn't want to stop yet.

He smiled in between the kiss pulling away successfully this time. I looked up at him furrowing my eyebrows still wanting to keep going. "Just wait." He said lowly. He stood up straight pulling off his shirt. I bit my lip lightly reaching for his belt buckle. "You want it that bad?" He asked raising his eyebrows. "Yes." I said softly. He chuckled. "It's okay I've been wanting to fuck you all day." He said lowly unbuckling his belt. Him saying that just made everything better. It turned me on knowing he was thinking about this moment all day. He had to be anticipating this all night just like me. He pulled down his pants and boxers revealing his throbbing dick. It looked like he would explode any second. I couldn't wait any longer but it looked like he couldn't either.

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