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It was finally the award ceremony day and I was so excited. I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I still had a few hours before it was time to go but I couldn't help getting out everything I needed to now. I texted Mel earlier but he didn't respond. Maybe he was a little busy. I pulled out the dress I got just for this night so excited to see it on me when I was all ready. I was all anxious waiting on the time for me to get up and get ready. I started pacing around my room moving things for no reason until I heard my phone ding. I stopped pacing snapping out of my thoughts as I looked over at my phone on the bed. I sat down picking it up. My face immediately saddened reading Mel's message.

He texted me to tell me he got called into work urgently today. He couldn't make it tonight because he wouldn't have enough time to finish work and come drive up here too. I read the message over and over hoping it wasn't true. I really wanted to see him tonight. I sighed looking up at the ceiling as I felt tears well up in my eyes. I looked back down at my phone replying saying it was okay and that I would just see him tomorrow. He replied quickly sending me apologies telling me how much he loved me. I took a deep breath texting back reassuring him it was okay before sitting my phone down. I stared at my phone for a minute thinking.

I can't believe they would call him in today when he requested off. It really made me sad that I wouldn't be able to share this important night with Mel like I wanted to. I wiped my eyes before the tears fell letting out a groan. I missed him so much. My excitement gradually turned into sadness as I thought about him not being here for me. He was always there at any event I had and I always looked forward to the praises he'd give me afterwards. Just knowing he was there gave me the confidence I needed when I was anxious. I plopped back on the bed curling up into a ball having the urge to take a nap now. I didn't want to think about it anymore. It was too upsetting.


I looked at the time once I got out the shower seeing I had a little over an hour left to get ready. I sat on the floor in front of the full length mirror in the hotel pulling out my makeup bag. I did a light look with some sparkle for tonight because my dress was white and I knew the lighting would be a little low in the place. My head filled with what I would say when receiving the reward and seeing everyone's reaction to me winning.

 I thought about these positive things trying to distract myself from the fact that Mel wouldn't be here

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I thought about these positive things trying to distract myself from the fact that Mel wouldn't be here. I would still have plenty of support from my artist friends and mentors. I sighed stopping my hand from drawing my eyeliner knowing that even though I would have all the support in the world it wasn't Mel. I shook my head of the thought quickly trying to get back to the task at hand. I flipped my braids to the side so I would have a side part.

Once I finished I stood from my place on the floor going to get dressed. I put on my dress focusing on not getting it messy. I grabbed my layered necklace putting it on along with my bracelets and a few rings. I looked at myself in the mirror happy to see my outfit really come together. I looked so good. I slid on my shoes looking at the time seeing I had about twenty minutes to get to the ceremony. I grabbed my purse and phone walking out the door going down to the lobby. This was really happening. I would keep my speech short because I knew I would ramble if it was longer than a few sentences. I walked out of the hotel to the parking lot going to my car.

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