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We were going at a quick pace seeming like we had got out the building in two seconds. "Mel." I said softly. He didn't answer as he kept moving. I looked down at the flowers in my hand seeing a few of my tears fall down onto them.

"I'm happy to see you." I said softly gripping his hand tighter. "But why'd you do this?" I asked as we got to the parking lot. He still wasn't responding. "Mel please!" I yelled hearing my voice crack. He stopped walking, taking a deep breath. He let go of my hand turning to me. "I wanted to kill him." He gritted, his eyes still full of rage. "Hey, it's okay." I said putting my free hand to his cheek feeling that his face was all warm. "No it's not." He said shrugging me off. "I hate him and I don't even know his name, why'd he do that?" He asked angrily shaking his head. "Don't worry about him at all he's a nobody." I said feeling tears well up in my eyes again. "I should've beat him until he cou-" I cut him off grabbing his hands holding them. "Baby relax, please don't let this get to you." I said staring up at him. He looked down at me for a few seconds before closing his eyes taking a deep breath.

"I love you." I said softly. He took a few more deep breaths opening his eyes afterwards pulling me closer towards him. He stared into my eyes licking his lips as a small smile appeared. "I love you more." He said lowly leaning in. He hesitated a bit before kissing me. I missed him. He let go of my hands moving them to my waist. He was kissing me so passionately. Even though this situation wasn't the ideal way I wanted to be greeted by him I was still happy to see him. I know later I would get into trouble for how things turned out but right now I didn't care. He gripped my waist tightly as his tongue roamed around my mouth. I slid my hand to the back of his neck, my legs weakening already from this kiss alone. He pulled away slowly, staring down at me. "You look so pretty." He said, giving me butterflies. "Really really really pretty." He said lowly. I couldn't help smiling at what he said. "Thank you baby." I said softly feeling my face heat up. I looked down breaking my eye contact with him getting nervous all of a sudden. "And thank you for the flowers." I said looking at them in my hand.

"You're welcome." He said as I felt his arms unwrap from around my waist. "Where're you staying?" He asked. "A hotel a few minutes away." I said looking back up at him. "You wanna go there?" I asked. A smirk appeared on his face. "Just for tonight, I gotta go back home extra early in the morning." He said. "Okay." I said letting my hand fall from his neck. He grabbed my hand pulling me away to his car. He opened the door for me letting me get inside. I sat there thinking for a second as I looked out the window seeing the night sky filled with stars. Despite everything that happened, right in this moment this was the best night ever to me. I disregarded everything negative and only thought about right now. I looked over at Mel as he pulled my seatbelt over my body. "You okay?" He asked sitting back in his seat. "I am now that I'm with you." I said softly seeing him put the key in starting the ignition.

He smiled slightly, pulling out of his parking space. I looked out the window watching everything as we drove down to the hotel. There was a lot of city lights and signs everywhere in this part of town that I didn't notice much before. Probably because it was still light outside earlier. It was nice to look at now though. Once we got there Mel opened the door for me grabbing a hold of my hand when I got out. We walked through the lobby going up to the room I was staying in.

I closed the door behind me going to sit the flowers down on the little table that was in the room. Mel let out a sigh unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt. I sat down on the bed looking up at him. He looked so good I could never stress that enough. Spending time away from him always made me desire him more than ever. How did he even get here? He told me he couldn't but I was so happy he made it here anyway. "You look like you've been daydreaming all night love." Mel said putting his hand on my chin knocking me out of my thoughts.

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