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I sat on a stool next to Jay as he showed me inspiration pictures for his upcoming art piece he wanted to do. "You think this brown could be a little lighter to make sure we don't go too dark?" I asked pointing to the dark brown on his color board.

He sat there for a second like he was thinking while staring at his color board. "Ah yea that's actually pretty smart considering the setting and lighting in the museum I wouldn't want it to be too dark to the point where it would clash with the other colors." He said changing the color on his board to a lighter brown. "I'm really glad to have a second opinion because I never really have anyone helping me with paintings." He said smiling. "Yea I'm glad to be helping, you don't have to worry about anything like before happening again." I said watching him mix his paints.

"It's okay really. I understand where you were coming from and why you were avoiding me for a bit but from what you told me it doesn't seem like your fault at all." He said picking up a new brush. It seemed like he noticed that Mel was the one that was in the wrong. Still I didn't want to say anything to him about it because then it'd just look like I'm dissing my boyfriend to some other guy. "On a happier note we can get started on our base for today and then mix the paints we'll need for the colors I want to use and just go from there." He said. "Okay sounds like a plan let's get started." I said happily standing from the stool.


I said my goodbyes to Jay as I headed out of his studio. "It's late." Mel said. I waved to Jay before turning my attention back to my phone against my ear. "Be quiet I know that." I said walking to my car. He started laughing. "You always wanna get an attitude with somebody." He said. "Because you're stating the obvious." I said giggling. "Why you ain't let me come pick you up then?" He asked. "Because you had work." I said unlocking the car door. "I would've come anyway." He said. "Exactly that's why I didn't ask, you would come even though you know you're tired." I said getting into the car. He groaned on the other end before speaking. "Whatever, when you getting home?" He asked. I could hear him smiling on the other end. "In like fifteen minutes." I said sighing sitting my purse in the passenger seat. "Aight, drive safe baby." He said. I smiled thanking him before hanging up the phone.

I took a deep breath starting up the car driving away home. I feel like me and Jay got a decent amount of work done today and it'll definitely put us in a good position to finish by the time he needs to if we keep working the way we are. Working with him today just made me realize again how much I loved his art style and the way he did things. He was really such an amazing person. I smiled at the thought anticipating how the end result would turn out. I was so excited and I could barely wait.

Once I got home I went to the elevator riding up to our apartment. I opened the door walking inside closing the door behind me. I walked into the room seeing Mel laying down scrolling on his phone while some show played on the tv. He looked over at me when he saw me walk in, automatically smiling. "Ugh you again." I said playfully slipping off my shoes. "You're annoying." He said laughing. I smiled pulling off my pants and shirt putting them in the hamper. "You look tired." He said. "Yea just a little." I said putting on a new shirt. "C'mere." He said holding out his arms for me. I happily went over to him cuddling up against him as his arms wrapped around me. I smiled feeling him kiss all over my face before stopping at my lips. "I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too." I said softly wrapping my arms around his torso. "How was your day?" I asked. "Boring, but the yearly dinner thing for the company is this weekend." He said. Mel had a dinner to go to at some fancy restaurant that his company would organize as a way to just get to know the workers. They almost forced their employees to bring at least one person along so Mel invited me. I've only been last year but Mel told me how he'd always gone since he first started working at the company after he'd finished college.

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