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I sat on the stool next to Jay as I outlined black on the parts he wanted to pop out on the canvas. For some reason I was a lot more tired today than usual. Probably because me and Mel were up kinda late last night. Plus my body was slightly sore when I woke up so I really just wanted to lay in bed all day. "Hey you okay?" Jay asked.

"What?" I asked looking over at him. "You were just looking a little sluggish today." He said. I could never hide how I really felt when it came to anything honestly. "Sorry I was up kinda late last night, I couldn't sleep." I said as memories from the night before started to appear in my head. He fucked me so good I really couldn't stay focused on anything else. Fuck, I miss him. I wanna see him. I hope Jay didn't think too much of it and catch on to the real reason why. "Oh okay well we can wrap up for today anyway because we're basically finished, just need to add a few more details, touch it up later, and add some finishing touches." He said wiping his hands on a rag. "Sounds good I'll meet you tomorrow then right?" I asked standing from my seat. "The day after, I have some plans with my brother tomorrow." He said. "Oh okay well see you then." I said wiping off my hands.

I grabbed my purse sliding it onto my shoulder. I waved to Jay as he nodded to me, walking out of the studio. I walked to my car getting in driving away home. I drove thinking of what Mel had told me earlier this morning. He definitely wanted to go to the islands around next month and have everything planned before the end of this month. The thought made me start making a checklist in my head. There was a couple of things I had to do before we went like of course buy some clothes maybe get my braids redone because I really wouldn't want to do my hair on vacation. Then I would surely have to book some things for us to go and when we got there.

It was a lot to do but it was enough time for me to do it if I got started on it soon. Once I got home I put my key on the hook sighing lightly. I was a little tired and not really in the mood to do much of anything but sleep. I walked into the room seeing Mel on the bed scrolling on his phone. "Hey baby." He said happily. "Hey." I said pulling off my shoes. "You okay?" He asked. "Just tired." I mumbled pulling off my clothes. I put them in the hamper too tired to shower again today. I was only out for a little anyway. I put on a new shirt before climbing into bed next to Mel. I felt his arms wrap around me and the feeling of annoyance suddenly rose in me. I was just thinking of how much I missed him before but now I was all annoyed. "I don't wanna cuddle right now." I said sliding out of his hold. "Hm? What's wrong?" He asked sounding concerned pulling at my shirt. "Nothing I'm just not in the mood to cuddle right now." I said softly. He sighed letting me go. I closed my eyes and not even a full minute later I felt Mel kissing the side of my face.

"Mel." I whined pushing him away. "What? Why don't you wanna cuddle with me? I've been waiting to all day." He whined back wrapping his arms around me. "I just don't want to." I said pushing him away again. I looked over at him seeing him furrow his eyebrows. "I love you." He said grabbing my hand. I rolled my eyes laughing at him. He always got so sad and felt like I didn't want him whenever I refused to cuddle with him. "I love you too but I just don't want you on me right now." I said letting go of his hand. He watched my hand let go of his looking like he had been betrayed. "Please." He said grabbing me again. I looked up at the ceiling groaning as he wrapped his arms around me laying his head on my chest. He could be so annoying at times. He knew nothing about personal space ever. He cuddled up against me holding me tightly. "So clingy." I mumbled. "You have to cuddle with me too." He said. I groaned again wrapping my arms around him.

"Are you mad at me?" He mumbled against my chest. "No." I said sighing. I wasn't mad at him. Maybe slightly annoyed but I wasn't mad. I put my hand on his head rubbing through his dreads lightly hoping he would fall asleep soon so I could move from under him.


I walked to the laundry room with my phone to my ear. One of the representatives from the art company I worked for called me about going out of town for a short amount of time to an art ceremony because they had submitted one of my pieces to some award thing and I had won something. I was happy to receive an award for my art work it really made me feel like I was moving up to new levels in my life. "The ceremony will be about a two hour drive away and we'll get you a hotel to stay down there for the two days the ceremony will take place." My senior said. I picked up the laundry bucket sitting it on top of the dryer. "And this is all happening the day after tomorrow?" I asked. "Yes, I hope this isn't that late of a notice I was just informed of this information only a few hours ago." She said.

"Oh no it's okay it won't take me long to get myself together." I said opening up the dryer. "Okay well let me know the day you're on the way there and when you get to the hotel so that I can make sure you get checked in." She said. "Okay thank you." I said. She said her goodbyes before hanging up the phone. I sighed putting my phone down. I looked at my phone smiling happily. It was going to be one of the first few ceremonies I'd be going to. This was so exciting for me all I could think about was how the day would go and what I would need. I put all the clothes from the dryer into the basket before carrying it with me to the room. I looked over at Mel seeing him on his desktop but it didn't look like he was doing work. Probably playing a game. I smiled at the sight so glad that he was back to playing games instead of always in my face or stuck on work.

"Mel I have news." I said sitting the basket on the floor. "Wassup?" He asked still focused on his game. I walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his neck looking at his screen. It looked like he was shooting some other player. "What you playing?" I asked. "Halo." He mumbled. I watched him for a minute seeing him move at a quick pace killing another player. He let out a quiet sigh as the word victory showed across his screen. "What'd you wanna tell me?" He asked pulling his hands away from his keyboard. "I got an award for one of my art pieces and I'm going out of town for about three days to receive it." I said. He looked over at me a big smile appearing on his face. "That's great baby I'm so proud of you." He said happily. I smiled feeling butterflies in my stomach at his words. "Thank you." I said as he leaned in kissing all over my cheek lightly.

"When are you leaving?" He asked after the last kiss. "Day after tomorrow." I said unwrapping my arms from around his neck. "I'm coming with you?" He asked looking back at his screen. "You can." I said happily. "When's the ceremony?" He asked. "The second day, so in 3 days." I said. He sighed throwing his head back. "Well I have work but I'll call off on the ceremony day for you." He said. I smiled leaning down kissing him upside down. His tongue ran across my lips before I pulled away. "Thank you." I said. "Of course, anything for you." He said smiling sitting back up straight. He slid his chair closer to his desk putting his hands back on his keyboard. I grabbed my phone remembering to tell Jay my plans just to let him know I wouldn't be able to come see him those days. It was such a sudden thing to happen but I really was so excited to even be apart of this event.

I sat down on the bed texting away on my phone. My thoughts started to surface again in my head thinking of how everything would go. I would have to start packing today and make sure I got all the details I needed to know for when I got there. Then I would have to drive the two hour distance even though I don't even like driving much. Hopefully the happy thought of how this was such a significant stepping stone in my career would take my mind off how anxious I got when driving. I stood going to the closet going to grab one of my duffel bags for my clothes. I looked in the closet trying to see some outfits I'd wear while I was there. I ended up picking out some simple everyday clothes for my regular days and then a nice little outfit for the dinner. I wasn't sure what I'd be wearing to the ceremony.

In the end I decided to order something nice online quickly with express shipping. It was a risky thing to do so I brought a backup dress with me just in case it wouldn't be there on time. "Are you gonna miss me?" I asked Mel as I plopped down onto the bed again after searching the closet. "Not at all." He said sarcastically turning in his chair towards me. I fake pouted burying my head into the bed. "I'm joking baby of course I'm going to miss you." He said. I lifted my head from the bed seeing him stand from his seat. "Really?" I asked sarcastically. He laughed coming over to the bed putting both of his hands on it leaning down towards me. "Yea... so that just means we have to have the same amount of sex we would have in the span of two days tonight." He said lowly. He licked his lips as I looked up at him. "Mel no." I said giggling. "Why not?" He asked. "You're crazy." I said as he leaned a bit closer to me. "Am I?" He asked before I felt his lips on mine.

At the end of the day of course he's going to get what he wanted. In the back of my mind I wanted it too.


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile guys my dad literally decided to leave my family in the middle of the night. We filed him as missing but he ended up calling saying he just didn't want to be with my mom and take care of me and my siblings anymore lol.

No smut this next few chapters but there will be a little in the fourth update!!! >.<

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