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I sat in the car with Mel as he rolled up. We had already spent the weekend at the hotel and now it was Sunday so we were leaving today. We were packing up our things into the car but he ended up wanting to smoke. This weekend was fun though. Yesterday we went to the spa and the jacuzzi they had here and just chilled until later that night. After last night I'm going to have to take a break from sex with him for awhile because two nights in a row of him obliterating my guts was too much for me to handle honestly.

I looked over at Mel watching him lick the blunt sealing it before holding it in his mouth. I couldn't help but notice how fine he looked when he smoked. That's really one of the few reasons why I would come smoke with him when I did. He dug in his pocket pulling out his lighter lighting the blunt. Almost anything he did was always somewhat attractive to me. He furrowed his eyebrows taking a hit from the blunt pulling away coughing slightly. He leaned back in his seat adjusting his position as he spread his legs. He looked over at me seeing me watching him. "What?" He asked a smile appearing on his face. "Nothing." I said smiling back at him. "You're just so handsome." I said leaning my arm on the arm rest. "Thank you love." He said before taking another hit from the blunt.

"I want a kiss." I said softly putting my hand on his thigh. He looked over at me leaning in blowing smoke into my mouth. I inhaled some of it, leaning in kissing him. I put my hand on the side of his face licking his bottom lip. He smiled against my lips as I pulled away. I pecked his lips two more times, leaning away slightly afterwards. He stared into my eyes as he held the blunt up to my mouth. I looked down at it inhaling before pulling away. I held it in my mouth feeling it in my lungs as I French inhaled it blowing the rest out of my mouth. I coughed a bit leaning back in my seat. He grinned widely as he watched me. "What?" I asked looking over at him. "You're really good for not even being a smoker." He said. "It's because of you." I said laughing. "It's getting late though." I said looking out the window. It was almost six o'clock. "Mmm you right." He said sitting back up in his seat. He put out the blunt picking up the keys.

He started up the car rolling down the window slightly. I put on my seatbelt as he pulled out of the parking lot. I was happy to be going home even though the hotel was really nice, I just missed being at home. It was overall a really fun weekend that we both enjoyed but I couldn't wait to start painting again. I had a lot of inspiration from this past weekend so I'm sure I would get back and paint to my heart's desire.

Once we got home I grabbed my bags going up to our apartment. Mel unlocked the door going inside. I smiled entering our apartment. I put down my bags in the bedroom plopping down on the bed. I was really tired all of a sudden. Probably from everything that we've done today. I slid off my shoes before pulling off my jeans. "You tired?" Mel asked sitting down the bags in his hand. "Yea." I said putting my jeans in the hamper. "It's still a lil early." He said laughing slightly. "Yea, it's just been a tiring day." I said taking off my shirt too putting it in the hamper. I put on a tshirt sighing as I laid down on the bed afterwards. I looked over at Mel as he put his phone in his pocket. He sat down on the bed next to me while I pulled the covers over me.

"Did you have fun?" I asked looking up at him. "Yes of course baby, I'm so grateful for you." He said smiling leaning down towards me. He kissed my lips lightly making me blush. "I love you." I said softly. "I love you more." He said standing from the bed. "You wanna eat? I'm gonna go get some wings, maybe hang with Reece for a lil bit before that." He said stretching. "Yea." I said wrapping my arms around my pillow. "I'll be back a little later though." He said. "I'll probably just wake up in a few anyway so that's fine." I said. He looked at me a small smile appearing on his face. "Aight." He said. "Drive safe." I said softly turning around.


I woke up seeing the moonlight outside of the window. I forgot to close the curtains before going to sleep. I sat up rubbing my eyes lightly grabbing my phone. I was only asleep for about three hours. It was a little past nine o'clock and I had a few messages. I opened them seeing they were from Jay.

"I noticed you've been avoiding me for awhile, let me know if you don't want to work with me anymore, I'll understand. Especially if it has something to do with your boyfriend I wouldn't want to cause any personal problems in your life." I read in my head.

I took a deep breath staring at the messages for a minute before replying. I was avoiding this conversation with him for awhile but now it was time for me to stop being so selfish. I apologized and told him that I still wanted to work with him and that I would explain anything he wanted to know in person. I felt so bad because I knew he wanted to do this with me. He had taken the time to contact me after just seeing one of my art pieces. It was unfair for me to not hit him back for so long, or at least let him know what had happened.

I sat on the edge of the bed remembering Mel saying he would come home a little late. Hopefully he'd be on his way now if not almost here already. I stood up walking to my art room, getting in the mood to paint something. This had put a lot on my mind and painting would give me a outlet for the thoughts in my head. I probably hurt his feelings and wasted a lot of his time that he could've used to work with someone else. Back when we first met at the cafe he told me to tell him if anything like this happened and he would understand. What am I even thinking? If he felt like his time was wasted he would've reached out to someone else by now. I was being considerate of myself and my relationship. Even though it was mean to leave Jay hanging I still did what I did for myself. I'm sure he'll be understanding of that when I tell him. I'll just go and do my best work to make up for the time lost. I shouldn't put the blame on myself, it was just something that happened.

I stared at my canvas seeing the different shades of blue and red I put on it as my mind wandered. I stopped my brush hearing the room door open. I put my brush down looking over at the door seeing Mel. He smiled slightly seeing me. "I got wings." He said holding up the bag in his hand. I smiled at him feeling my mood shift. "Okay I'm gonna clean up first." I said. He nodded walking out the door. I took a deep breath closing my paint going to wash off my hands afterwards.

When I finished I walked into the living room seeing Mel on the sofa. I sat down next to him looking up at the tv seeing a movie. I cuddled up against him wrapping my arms around his torso. "You okay?" He asked putting his arm around me. "Yea, I was just overthinking a little." I mumbled laying my legs across his lap. "What's wrong?" He asked rubbing my arm lightly. I took a deep breath looking up at him.

"Even though you told me it was fine for me to work with Jay I haven't been talking to him lately and now I feel bad because he still has a deadline for his work and so much time has been wasted already." I said as my finger played with the hem of his shirt. "It just feels like it's my fault that I haven't been doing my part even after I agreed to work with him." I added. He raised his eyebrows slightly sitting there for a second like he was thinking.

"Well, even if you do feel bad about it you can't do anything now but just go do your best and work with him like you planned to." He said looking down at me. "This really isn't your fault though baby, I can't help but think that it's mine for even acting the way I did before which caused you to not even want to work with him." He said sighing. I moved my hand up to his face stroking his cheek lightly. I didn't say anything knowing he was right. If the outcome of him finding out I started working with Jay came about differently then I wouldn't have any of the problems I have now. I wasn't mad at him though. I was partially wrong and so was he on handling the situation. He acted out of character, realized he was wrong, and apologized for it so there's nothing more I want from him. This is just basic things that happen in relationships. No relationship is perfect all the time.

"It's okay though, I'm not upset about anything, it was just something that was on my mind." I said softly. "I love talking to you about things, it always reassure my thoughts." I said smiling slightly. "Really?" He said smiling back at me. "Mhmm." I hummed leaning in kissing him. His hand on my arm moved up stopping at the side of my neck. I pulled away looking up at him for a second before turning my head looking at the food. "What kind of wings did you get?" I asked laying my head on his shoulder.


Just a basic little chapter after those two spicy chapters <3

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