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I followed close behind Mel as we walked into the living room of the house his dad lived in. "Aye Rahmel!" His aunt said excitedly standing from where she sat with open arms. I smiled watching him wrap his arms around her. "I missed you so much." She said her voice muffled from her chin on his shoulder. "I missed you more TT." He said pulling away from the hug. Her gaze shifted over to me and she smiled happily coming over to me with open arms too. "Aw c'mere pretty girl, I missed you too." She said excitedly wrapping her arms around me. I smiled wrapping mines tightly around her too telling her how much I missed her also. I loved Mel's family. They were so nice to me and made me feel welcomed. Mel told me how special it was that his family liked me because they weren't always as welcoming as they are with me. "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? We made a little something in the kitchen!" She said pulling away from the hug urging me to go towards the kitchen. "Oh- of course." I barely got out as we all were suddenly going to the kitchen.


I put my moisturizer on my face after showering as I listened to Mel talk. We'd just got back to the house after hanging out at the main house the whole day. His family were such fun people to be around I'd enjoyed myself. "I really have missed my family, I feel like it's been so long I haven't felt like this since... in awhile." He said sounding a bit far away towards the end. I knew he meant since his mom was alive but he didn't want to say it. I smiled slightly looking over at him. "Well I'm glad this trip turned out to be something good for you baby, I know how difficult I can be sometimes by being so set on things." I said climbing into bed with him. "I wanted to go though." He said as I sat in front of him. "Yea but not this very minute which I'm sorry about. I shouldn't have forced this so soon." I said. He smiled slightly. "It's okay, I know how you are. I can handle you." He said as his hand slipped into mine. "And I appreciate you the most ever for that because you don't have to but you do." I said in admiration feeling his thumb rub against the back of my hand. "I'd do anything for you." He said. I smiled giggling slightly. I loved how Mel always looked at me as his reward of some kind. He cherished our relationship and hated any idea of losing me. Of course I felt the same about him too. "I'd do anything for you too." I said climbing into his arms. He leaned in pecking my lips twice before I laid my head on his shoulder. He got comfortable in the bed before wrapping his arms tightly around me. It didn't take him long to fall asleep.

I laid there drifting in and out of sleep but not fully falling asleep. I had the feeling of wanting to get up and do something. Maybe because we weren't at home. I felt like I had to be enjoying myself every minute. At least an hour had passed before I decided to get up. I made sure Mel was fast asleep before carefully getting out of his hold. Maybe I'll just go for a swim or something. There was the beach right outside just down the hill. I stood pulling off my shirt. I put on a bikini top and bottom before tying a cover up around my waist.


I ended up laying on my stomach in a hammock on the beach near the house shirtless. I'd sat by the sand at first and realized I didn't really want to swim at the moment so I laid in the hammock instead for something a bit more calming. It was late at night and I just wanted to relax for a bit because I couldn't fall asleep. I watched the ocean waves come up to the sand as the moon shined brightly. There was a little breeze that rocked the hammock slightly. All I could think about was painting this scene but I couldn't bring myself to get up once I was so relaxed. I heard my name being called. I looked over slightly seeing Mel coming towards me. He still had on a wife beater and basketball shorts meaning he got out of bed to come find me. "Why'd you leave me?" He asked, a slight whine in his voice. "I couldn't sleep." I said smiling a bit at his disoriented state. "But now I can't sleep." He said rubbing his eye. "You need to learn to sleep without me." I said jokingly as he came over to me. His hand slid down my back as he looked down at me. "Where's your shirt?" He asked. "Right here." I mumbled pointing to the bikini top next to my head. "Come back to bed." He said, his hand stopping at my ass. I sighed sitting up putting my arm across my chest to cover myself. "Why you covering yourself like I ain't seen it all already?" He asked a grin on his face as his hands moved to my waist. "Because we're still outside." I said rolling my eyes at him. His hands on my waist gripped me a bit leaning down towards me so our faces were close. "Don't be getting no attitude with me." He said chuckling. "I'm not." I said softly, my demeanor changing slightly. His eyes trailed down to my lips for a second before back up to my eyes. "Yea that's what I thought." He said smartly. "Shut up, aren't we going back to go to sleep or whatever?" I asked breaking eye contact with him reaching over picking up my top with my free hand. His hand moved up from my waist grabbing my face lightly making me look up at him. "Lose the attitude." He said. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. It'd crossed my mind to just submit to him because I wanted him to fuck me but instead I'd thought to challenge him. "And if I don't?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him. He smirked leaning in close to my ear. "You're bold tonight huh?" He taunted. I started to smile loving when he reacted like this to me acting out of character. "Mhmm." I hummed. "You need me to remind you who the fuck you talking to?" He asked lowly leaning away from my ear so he was looking at me again. "Maybe." I said feeling his other hand that laid on my waist move up my torso a bit. He exhaled through his nose amused before leaning in kissing me.

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