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I stood at the sink cleaning off my paintbrushes after finishing up a painting I had started. It was getting late so Mel should be coming home from work soon. I put my paint brushes back in my holder drying off my hands. I would have to mail this painting I finished to the person who commissioned it tomorrow and go buy new canvases because I've been running low on them recently.

I looked behind me hearing the door open and Mel walk inside. He didn't look as tired as usual. I threw away the napkin in my hand walking into the room. I smiled slightly seeing Mel unbutton his shirt. "Hey baby." He said lowly. "Hey, it's a little late." I said as he grabbed me by my waist pulling me towards him smoothly. "There was a drinking party with my coworkers." He said leaning in kissing me. I pulled away tasting the alcohol on his lips. "I didn't drink much." He said letting me go.

"Yea I wouldn't think you would." I said sitting on the bed. For this whole past weekend I don't think Mel has been fully sober yet. After seeing and talking to him that night I don't think he's even been in the right state of mind. I've been meaning to ask him about it but I didn't have the chance to since he had work.

I looked up at Mel as he walked over to the bed in front of me. "What?" I asked seeing him stare down at me with low eyes. He leaned down putting his hands on either side of me making me lean back on the bed on my elbows. "I'm sorry about how I acted." He said lowly a few inches from my face. "You already told me." I said softly staring back at him. These past two days Mel has been apologizing randomly. The guilt must've still been eating him up on the inside. "I know but I still feel bad." He said leaning in kissing my cheek lightly. He pushed me slightly so that I was laying down while he hovered over me. I could feel his knee in between my legs making me squirm a little. "You don't have to, I'm not upset anymore." I said putting my hands on his face. Even though it had been such little time I couldn't stay mad at Mel for too long. "I know." He said lowly leaning in kissing me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back. He kissed me slowly, taking his time. I smiled in between it loving the feeling. His hands went to my waist sliding up my shirt to my chest. My body felt hot everywhere he touched me. We hadn't had sex in a minute so I honestly had been waiting so long for this to happen. I wanted him so bad. I panted lightly as Mel pulled away kissing down to my neck. "Mel..." I said softly rubbing the back of his neck. "Yea?" He said, his hands gripping my boobs lightly. I hesitated a little before saying what I wanted to say. "Can I suck you off?" I asked softly feeling my face grow hot. He stopped kissing my neck looking back up at me.

"Why you acting so nervous baby?" He asked, a smile appearing on his face. I groaned covering my face with my hands. He laughed pulling my hands away from my face. "C'mon, yea you can." He said smiling down at me. I couldn't help being so nervous with him and I didn't even know why anymore. He was so attractive and made me nervous just being near him like I was still in high school. I watched him stand from hovering over me, sitting down on the bed. Hesitantly I stood up getting on my knees between his legs. My gaze went up to him liking the view of him looking down at me with his unbuttoned shirt. I unbuckled his pants as his hand went to the side of my neck stroking behind my ear. My face grew hot just from his touch. Pulling him out of his boxers, I could see how hard he already was.

I held him in my hand kissing his tip lightly watching him grow even more than before. I wet my hand with my spit jerking him off a little before taking him into my mouth. My tongue swirled around his tip as I slowly slid the rest of my mouth onto him. I put my hand on him where I couldn't fit into my mouth sliding it up and down while my mouth went back and forth. I kept going for awhile until I felt Mel throbbing in my mouth.

I looked up at him seeing him close his eyes as he let out a breathy moan sliding his hand from the side of my neck up to the back of my head. I pulled him out of my mouth watching my saliva mixed with his precum drip down his dick. I stuck out my tongue running it across his tip letting the saliva on my tongue drip onto him. He grunted when I took him back into my mouth. I closed my eyes trying hard not to gag while I tried taking all of him into my mouth. I let out a muffled moan as his tip hit the back of my throat.

"Oh fuck." Mel panted pushing my head slightly. I couldn't help gagging as he went deeper into my throat. I put my hands on his upper thighs keeping my balance while drool slid out my mouth down his base. I kept my tongue moving knowing he would reach his limit soon. He moaned lightly as I slid him out of my mouth slowly. I let my spit drip out of my mouth onto his tip while my hand jerked him off seeing him twitch a little. I looked up at him watching him throw his head back grunting.

I leaned down again taking him back into my mouth seeing he was going to cum any second now. I kept sucking until I felt his hand on my head try and pull me off. Mel moaned my name as his body tensed up. I lifted my head but was a few seconds too late when I felt him bust in my mouth and on my face. I closed my eyes whimpering from the amount of discomfort I felt. Mel grabbed my face. "Swallow it." He said stroking my face with his thumb lightly. I clenched my fist swallowing. "Good girl." He said lowly before I felt him wipe my face with a cloth. I opened my eyes looking up at him feeling really small all of a sudden.

"What do you want now?" He asked staring down at me. I put my hands on my thighs trying to look away too embarrassed to say what I wanted to. "C'mon say it." He said lowly gripping my face roughly pulling it upwards so that I was looking back up at him again. I whimpered softly from the sudden roughness. "Don't you want a reward?" He asked lowly leaning in slightly. I stared up at him hesitantly saying what I wanted to. "I want you inside of me." I said softly. He smiled letting my face go. "Atta girl." He said slapping the left side of my face lightly. I dug my nails into my thighs feeling my body heat up.

"Do it again, harder please." I said softly feeling my breathing start to get uneven. He smirked grabbing my face again roughly. He hit the right side of my cheek twice a little harder than before with his other hand making me whimper. "You're so pretty." He said lowly running his thumb across my cheek where he hit me. "C'mere." He said letting me go leaning back. I smiled standing up. I pulled off my underwear climbing onto his lap. He positioned himself to enter me as I wrapped my arms around his neck looking down at it. I slid down on him slowly, moaning lightly at the feeling. His hands went to my waist sliding up my shirt holding onto me. He laid his head on my shoulder as I went all the way down on him. I gripped his shoulders starting to move up and down at a steady pace. I felt him kissing my shoulder tightening his grip on me. I moaned as my mind went blank and the only thing I thought about was how good I felt at the moment. I looked up at the ceiling closing my eyes gasping.

I was close to my limit so quickly. I didn't want it to end yet. "Baby you're doing so good." Mel said lowly against my ear. My eyes rolled back not able to hold myself after hearing his voice. He gripped my waist thrusting up into me a few times making me moan loud. I whimpered his name before my whole body went limp as I came. I laid my head on his shoulder panting afterwards. I closed my eyes hearing his heavy breathing against my neck while my heart beat quickly. After a few seconds I lifted my head making Mel look at me. I leaned in kissing him sloppily. His hands gripped my waist letting my tongue roam around his mouth. He grunted once I pulled away from him. "Can we go again?" I asked staring into his eyes. He chuckled lightly tracing his fingertips up my spine. "Of course baby we can do whatever you want." He said lowly letting me go.


I laid in bed scrolling on my phone after showering while Mel laid his head on my chest. "Did I hit you too hard?" Mel asked intertwining his fingers with my free hand. "No." I said looking down at him. "I loved everything." I said smiling as he kissed the back of my hand. "Really?" He mumbled squeezing my hand. "Yea." I said. I was just glad that Mel would still hit me when I wanted him to because he didn't do it often. He sat up letting go of my hand stretching. "I'm glad you did." He said leaning down kissing me.

I looked up at him as he pulled away. He smiled at me pecking my lips twice before standing. "Where're you going? I'm ready to sleep." I whined watching him put on his slides. "Just to smoke I'll be right back to come sleep." He said opening his drawer pulling out the box with all his things to roll up with. Before I could say anything he walked out the door. I groaned turning over in bed cutting off the light to go to bed.


got played by the same person once again in the same exact way I'm literally a clown. I'm once again chasing the bag instead :)

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