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I sat criss crossed on the bed sketching out a still life reference. Mel was always all up on me whenever I sketched in our room. He was sitting behind me with his arms wrapped around my neck. Literally breathing down my neck. He had work from home today so of course he spent it bothering me after finishing. I didn't hate it though. "What's this mean?" He asked pointing at lines I made on the paper. "Just to show me the dimensions of the shape I'm drawing." I said concentrating on my work. "It's an orange." He said chuckling. I smiled giggling. "Yes it is an orange." I said feeling him kiss the side of my face. "Looks so realistic." He said picking up his phone reverting his attention to it. He laid his head on my shoulder scrolling on whatever it was that he was on. I traced along the lines I drew erasing where I needed for at least 10 mins.

I put my pencil down taking a deep breath knowing I was starting to strain my eyes. I groaned sitting up straight feeling the heavy weight of Mel on my shoulders. "Mel you're heavy." I whined. He laughed leaning in kissing my cheek down to my neck. "Stop." I said giggling as he unwrapped his arms from around me. He stood off the bed picking up his phone. "Wait." I said closing my eyes puckering my lips playfully. He chuckled leaning down sliding his hand around my neck. I opened one eye seeing him with a goofy smile on his face. I laughed leaning in kissing him like normal feeling his grip around my neck tighten. He bit my lip lightly making me open my mouth giving him an entrance for his tongue. I raised my hand bringing it to his face as his tongue roamed around my mouth. He pulled away, a string of saliva stretching from our lips.

I smiled up at him biting my bottom lip. "What?" He asked laughing. "Your birthday is soon." I said. "Yep." He said letting my throat go. Mel never really liked his birthday and didn't like celebrating it but I always got him a cake and bought him something. "What do you want?" I asked letting my hand fall from his face. "Hmm nothing really." He said stretching. "Just you is enough." He said picking up his sweatshirt to put on. I felt my face grow warm at his words. "You're so corny." I said laughing plopping back on the bed. "You're a hater." He said laughing. I looked over at him watching as he picked up his lighter. "What do you want for dinner though?" He asked.

"Mmm." I hummed thinking. "Pizza maybe, what you think?" I asked. "Was thinking the same thing." He said picking up his wallet. "You're going to go pick it up now?" I asked turning to lay on my stomach holding my head up with my hand. "Yea why?" He asked. I thought it over in my head quickly before deciding not to ask if he was going to go smoke too. He's been smoking a lot lately and I knew he only smoked a lot when something was bothering him or he had something on his mind. Of course he always had smoke sessions with Reece or with me if I was up for it, but it's been a lot more than usual recently. "Nothing I was just asking." I said. "Aight I'll be back." He said stepping into his slides walking out the door. I sat there for a minute thinking about how I would even go about asking him how he was feeling mentally. It wouldn't be something hard to do it's just more about his response. He wasn't one to share his feelings much. I took a deep breath sitting up ending up just deciding to ask him when the time came.

I picked up my sketchbook having the urge to clean while Mel was gone. I walked into my art room putting my book on the shelf before going out to the kitchen to clean up a little more than I already had. I moved on to the living room afterwards putting away some random things that were out and about. Once I finished I pulled a blanket out of the closet knowing that when Mel got back we would probably watch a movie together in the living room. I looked over at the door as Mel walked in. I smiled seeing him holding a box of pizza. I walked over to him happily taking the pizza. "What movie do you want to watch?" I asked opening the box seeing half of it was cheese and the other was chicken. "Mmm something scary." He said. I looked up at him seeing his eyes were a little red. I sniffed quietly smelling the faint smell of weed still on him.

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