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Teacher x (Y/n)student smut by Nika_pancakes
Teacher x (Y/n)student smutby cake
Exactly what the title says :3 Ps: this is just fiction and fantasy and if that happens in rl then jail for the teacher kay thx
Degrading the diaper girl  by that-bookish-reader
Degrading the diaper girl by that-bookish-reader
Ann is 16, she's been wetting the bed for months and her mom a has tried everything to fix it, but one last thing. Diapers. And her 17 year old foster brother, Eric, in...
Sexy lies by Anime_Y-n_Shipper
Sexy liesby Anime_Y-n_Shipper
This is not about anime but I hope you enjoy 😊
Hurt Me by FernLily88
Hurt Meby FernLily88
Degrading and humiliating dirty talk during sex. (NSFW) (Mature Content) (Verbal Abuse) #1 Humiliating #2 Degrading #28 - verbal
Promise by SunKissedWriter95
Promiseby Toci
A drunken slip leads to Jimin making you a promise, and coaxing a promise from you. Not for the children or the faint of heart, bondage, teasing, degrading, filthy sex...
draco x reader by pastavomit
draco x readerby pastavomit
- nsfw/smut warning -you feel as if draco is using you merely as a fuck buddy, but you know you need something more. does he feel the same way? -updated weekly :)
Gay one shots(Smut) by HomoFanfictions26
Gay one shots(Smut)by Gay fanfictions
This is where I'm gonna write any smutty stories that come into my head, I'll put the pairings in the chapter titles and I hope you'll enjoy.
Exciting dinner date (Dom and sub smut) by SwaggyGinger11
Exciting dinner date (Dom and SwaggyGinger11
A Dom and sub have an exciting dinner date but dinner isn't the only thing getting eaten ;)
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1 by DaintyLittleAlpha
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1by DaintyLittleAlpha
We took a trip to the cabin in the woods, like we did every weekend. Suddenly he rolled to a stop on the dirt road, unbuckled me and opened the door.... "Run Bunny...
MYCT Smutshots by ilovesyouray
MYCT Smutshotsby I like dogs
A Smut book based around the dream team and their friends! there are ships, x reader, etc. REQUESTS CLOSED 50k reads - 1/17/22
Animalistic Urges - Bakugou x Deku by SelfIndulgentFanfic
Animalistic Urges - Bakugou x Dekuby SelfIndulgentFanfic
Pro-hero Bakugou Katsuki gets hit with an animal transformation quirk during a fight, but only suffers half the effects. While his boyfriend Deku thinks the ears and ta...
slutty tales by JohnSmith507856
slutty talesby John Smith
u horny? like in a kinda gross way? bc this shit is...yeah (in parenthesis is who gets fucked) ( also don't be pretentious the grammar is manageable u should be able to...
villain deku X y/n  by ilikecoookiesss
villain deku X y/n by cookiesforlife
*smut warning* *18+* this book only contains smutshots. also the character is aged up so dont come at me. anyways enjoy reading. <3
Smexy Times by Happie23
Smexy Timesby Happie23
a smut book that I've decided to bring into the world.
Glory Hole Machine by SissyQing
Glory Hole Machineby Qing They
A sissy wakes up in a small and dark room with nothing bit a hole in front of her...
Obsessed (Slow Updates)  by abducto
Obsessed (Slow Updates) by ~ ☠️
⚠️Messed up story⚠️ <This book contains a forced bdsm relationship> ⚠️Please take the tw seriously⚠️ People like to romanticize obsession. They don't know how crue...
A books of Smuts by 0527smelly
A books of Smutsby smelly belly
Just 2 bestfreinds with a bond so strong we can write smut together lmao. We take requests of all kinks and characters(if it's a characters make sure to tell us from wh...
TOYS by cruelablood
TOYSby ♠♦♣♥
Author's note: This is a story about a college couple and situations that make them BDSM couples. If that idea doesn't appeal to you, don't read the story. If you like t...
Very ✨Freaky✨ One Shots by call_me_by
Very ✨Freaky✨ One Shotsby call_me_by
Enjoyyyyy 🙈 I'll be updating slowly
𝐇𝚒𝚜 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕 by Exoticwaters
𝐇𝚒𝚜 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕by Exoticwaters
"Tell me how close you are, love." he said whispering in my ear. He knew which effect he had on me. Thats what amused him the most.