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Storage room by 6Make_Me_Scream9
Storage roomby ♡make♥me♥scream♡
you and graves get locked in a storage room together. what else is there to say
truth or dare [nsfw] by m0nstergutz
truth or dare [nsfw]by hmm
M4F! i made a scenario ab my crush- oops- but it's just car sex pretty much
Some wlw one-shots because I'm bored by whythefuckarewehere
Some wlw one-shots because I'm E.J
Probably shit. I dunno. Read it, don't, I don't really care. It's just some late night shit I cropped up out of nowhere because I am eternally bored out of my mind. WLW...
Brat [Z.S] by multifandomgirl05
Brat [Z.S]by multifandomgirl05
Harry is a rich spoiled Brat and Zayn is his new Bodyguard.
The Garden of Earthly Delights- Kylo Ren  by richi3sm0m
The Garden of Earthly Delights- richi3sm0m
A story where the reader has some personal issues she needs to work on, and for whatever reason, her art history professor is there to work on them with her. OR A f...
smut/fluff book ☕ by Somwhat_S1mp
smut/fluff book ☕by Sh4wtyS1mp
just a book that I made from smut and fluff ☕💀 huahua (laughs in British) I'm not British why did I type that- anyways 🧘 enjoy bby ☕😼
Daily Bible Verses: Part 8 by TakeAGiantStep
Daily Bible Verses: Part 8by Kit Fisto
This is the eighth Bible Verse book I've done. You can start here or with part one. I sometime include quotes and songs with the verses. I pray this book is a blessing t...
imagine  by imagine_senare0
imagine by Gabs
smutty and fluffy imagines
MHA x Reader Oneshots NSFW by ravencemetery
MHA x Reader Oneshots NSFWby Aqua
This is a collection of oneshots with some of the My Hero Academia characters. All of these stories will be pure smut.
Transcendence 2 by sharondockery
Transcendence 2by Sharon Dockery
People crave wisdom, understanding, more happiness, more faith, less stress, and less anxiety. The Bible is filled with relevant lessons, meaningful insights, guidance...
who's she? by QueenPoeticT
who's she?by QueenPoeticT
A story about young black woman in her 20s trying to navigate life with her newly found knowledge of her culture and history. Readers will be able to learn a few hebrew...
Rough day by CagedHusky
Rough dayby CagedHusky
This is a trade for u/Terrible_Existence
First Times with Bowser (Headcanons) by mysterys627
First Times with Bowser ( mysterys627
Headcanons on what I think having sex with Bowser for the first time would be like. AFAB reader There is a fully written out Drabble halfway through if that's more your...
Easter Special by Avacuate_1313
Easter Specialby Heath_13
Yagi Toshinori and Aizawa Shouta have been in a relationship for a while, sure they haven't told any of their friends, or anyone really... but that doesn't stop Shouta f...
Flashbacks. by EstrellaTheAuthor
#16 Estrella
A sex induced novel written for my husband and I. Beware. It gets....Explicit
If You Try to Bring Her Back by STEAMat5
If You Try to Bring Her Backby Steam@5
It is my job as Yamato Akira's dead best friend and guardian angel to guide him on a path of righteous, success, fulfillment, or absolute failure. So all because one pat...
kazuha x reader by Auraroo
kazuha x readerby Auraroo
a delightful winter trip, *major nsfw warning *reader is gender neutral *kazuhas a bottom
Yes Mommy | Sanzu Haruchiyo by autumnizz
Yes Mommy | Sanzu Haruchiyoby autumnizz
The title says it all. I do not own the picture used for the book cover. Credits to the owner/artist.