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I sat across from Jay at a table as he showed me pictures of some of the work he had done. He was seriously so talented and I loved his art style. "Enough about me though, I saw your work at that museum exhibit and really loved it." He said putting down his phone. "Thank you." I said smiling. "Your work has improved significantly and I really am so glad I came across it." He said chuckling. "I also love your work, when I got your text I was excited to see how your work had developed since college." I said picking up my cup of lemonade. "It's definitely been a long time." He said. "Yea almost four years." I said before sipping from my straw.

"Back in college things were a little different, who would've known we'd be here today." He said. It really was such a crazy thing to think about. I never really thought I would be on the road to being some bigger artist if you asked me back then. "Not trying to pry or anything but it just reminded me of college, are you and that guy still dating?" He asked leaning back in his seat. "You don't have to answer." He said quickly. "Oh no it's fine, yes me and Rahmel are still dating." I said giggling. "Aw that's nice." He said sounding genuinely happy for me. "I don't think he ever really liked me though." He said chuckling making me laugh. "Sorry he was just always so over dramatic about things back then." I said. "Yea I remember clearly him always staring daggers into me when I was around." He said playfully.

It was true. Every time Mel would come get me from class some days he would see me working with Jay and catch a whole attitude about it. I always reassured him it was nothing but he still thought Jay was trying to ease his way into stealing me from him. He was so over the top about things like that back then but I never even had any intentions of leaving him for anyone else back then or now. "He was okay with you coming to see me now?" He asked picking up his drink.

I had never told Mel about these plans. It was day three of him being so busy and coming home later than usual because of work. I missed him at home which was the whole reason for me planning this hangout with Jay. I looked down at my drink not knowing if I should lie or not. "You didn't tell him?" He asked like he had read my mind. I looked back up at him feeling a knot form in my stomach. "Ah sorry I don't mean to be all in your business." He said. It seemed like he was trying to be respectful of me and not to make me uncomfortable by meeting with him. I was a little anxious before coming but knowing he isn't trying to make it awkward for me makes the feeling die down. "No it's okay, this is actually good we can get to know each other a little more." I said. "Artists need to at least know a little about their partner before working with them." I said looking back down at my drink. "Ah you're right, so what's up?" He asked putting down his drink.

"I actually didn't tell him, he's just been a little busy because of work but I don't have to tell him everything anyway." I said spinning my straw around in my drink. "Well I guess you're right about that too, I just don't want things to end up being more than what it is." He said leaning his arms on the table. "It's just work so I don't think it will." I said looking down at my hands. I said that but deep down I knew if Mel actually wasn't okay with this it would turn into something it's not. I started to fill with regret knowing I should've just told him instead of leaving myself overthinking about what he could possibly say when he found out. "Okay well if there's any problem just tell me and I won't stress it, but for now let's get to know each other again." He said. I looked back up at him smiling letting my negative thoughts reside.


I didn't know me and Jay were talking for so long until I looked at the time. We had met up around four something and it was now a little pass ten. Time really did fly and the cafe was ready to close soon. The conversation was really good though, it was like catching up on an old friend's life. I looked down at my phone hearing it ring. I stopped my sentence seeing it was Mel. I totally forgot that he would be off work by now. I panicked slightly not knowing if I should answer or not. Thinking like that made it seem like I was doing something wrong even though I wasn't. Before I could even think about it hard enough my phone stopped ringing. I looked back up at Jay seeing him look a little concerned.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize it had gotten so late, we can meet up again some other time to start planning everything out but I have to go now." I said. "Okay that's fine I'll text you later." He said as we both stood from our seats.

We walked out of the cafe and said our goodbyes before I walked to my car. I got in seeing Mel call me again. I put my head on the steering wheel deciding to answer. "Hey sorry for not answering, I'm on my way home now." I said. "Mmm oh okay then I was just checking. I'll see you when you get home, drive safe." He said sounding tired. "Thank you." I said softly before hanging up. I put my phone down on my lap thinking for a minute. I bit the inside of my cheek slightly feeling my stomach start to turn. I didn't like lying to Mel about anything so I hoped that when I got home he didn't ask too many questions. I could just tell him but I feel like he wouldn't like me hanging out with Jay even if it was just for work. Ugh, I should just tell him. It doesn't even matter what he says because at the end of the day it's all just work. I sighed sitting up starting up the car before driving out of the parking lot.

Once I got home I got into the elevator going up to our apartment. I noticed I was moving a little slower than usual trying to delay seeing him. I took my keys out of my purse almost dropping them from how nervous I was getting. I unlocked the door going inside closing it behind me. I put my keys on the hook and walked to the room. I put down my purse not seeing Mel in the room. I took off my jacket hanging it in the closet before pulling off the rest of my clothes. I put on one of Mel's shirts as he walked into the room. "Hey where you been?" He asked climbing into bed. "Just some cafe." I said softly. "With Lonnie?" He asked as I got into bed with him. I thought about it for a second but stopped when I realized that wouldn't be a good lie because she was still in Dubai.

"No she's out of town still." I said pulling the covers over my body. "Mmm." He hummed sounding like he wanted to say more but didn't. "What?" I asked looking over at him. "Nothing I just missed you." He said wrapping his arms around me. "I missed you too." I said smiling slightly. I slid my hands up to his face leaning in kissing him lightly before laying my head on his chest.

I felt like I was overthinking things but I couldn't help feeling guilty. I wasn't doing anything wrong because it was just work but I felt like I should tell him still. That was my plan for when I came home but I ended up getting too nervous. It's wrong of me to think so negatively of what Mel would do but I was too anxious to not think of the worse outcome possible. That was a bad habit I'd picked up when it came down to making decisions for myself but I try hard not to let it happen so often anymore. I sat there thinking for awhile ending up falling asleep.


I put the sub I made Mel into a container putting it into his bag. I looked over seeing him slide on his shoes at the door. I picked up his bag walking over to him. "Thank you baby." He said taking his bag leaning in kissing me. I pulled away looking down at my hands. "Have a good day." I said softly looking back up at him. He furrowed his eyebrows looking a little concerned. "You okay?" He asked. "Yea of course, why?" I asked clasping my hands together. "You just seem a little spaced out this morning." He said staring at me. "No it's okay I'm fine, I'm just a little more tired than usual." I said grabbing a hold of his hand. I thought I was acting as normal as possible but it seems like even Mel noticed. I mean why wouldn't he? If he didn't I would be surprised. After three years of being together I'm sure he knows when anything is bothering me. "Hmph, get some sleep then if you don't have any plans for today." He said leaning in kissing my forehead. "Okay." I said barely even audible. "I love you." He said as I let go of his hand. "I love you too." I said as he walked out of the door.

I watched the door close before sighing.


You ever stress yourself out for no reason?? I feel like I do that often by thinking about things that are so far away that I don't even have to worry about at the moment.

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