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I thought Mel would've came back in thirty minutes or even an hour but instead he came back almost three hours later. "Where'd you go?" I asked sitting up watching him pull off his shirt. "To smoke." He said. "For three hours?" I asked raising my eyebrows slightly. "I went to smoke with Reece." He said pulling on a new shirt. "Oh." I said looking down at my hands in my lap. "What's wrong?" He asked climbing into bed next to me. "Nothing." I said as his hands wrapped around my waist. "You sure?" He asked laying his head on my thigh. I put my hand on the side of his face stroking his cheek lightly seeing him close his eyes. "Yes, I wanted to ask you that though." I said softly. "Hmm?" He hummed. "You've been smoking a lot recently, why?" I said moving my hand to his hair. "Mmm I didn't think it was a lot." He mumbled as his grip around my waist tightened. "You only smoke more than usual when something's bothering you." I said softly. He took a deep breath through his nose not saying anything at first.

"Just been stressed and overthinking." He said. "What's wrong?" I asked rubbing his head. "I don't want you to leave me." He mumbled. My eyes widened slightly. "What? Why would I do that?" I asked sadly. He sat there for a minute before answering. "I made you so sad and had you crying and shit for two days, I hate myself for that because I'm supposed to be the one making you happy." He mumbled. Before I could say anything he was talking again. "Then there's work, I want to take my vacation time soon because I'm so tired of working." He said lowly. "I only started smoking a little more that weekend we were arguing and it just felt normal after awhile." He said. Even though we already talked about what happened that day I knew Mel could be just as much of an over thinker as me. On the other hand Mel never really talked about work much but I knew how tiring it was for him everyday. It must've been getting to him a lot more than usual lately. Him feeling like I would leave him must be why he kept saying he just wanted to be with me for his birthday and not do anything else. That was his idea of relaxing.

"I know it was a few days ago but you can still tell me how you feel about a situation anytime and we can go on vacation soon, whenever you want to." I said. I didn't plan on doing anything else for this month unless I ended up getting an art commission or going to do that piece with Jay. Either way that stuff could wait until after vacationing. "That feels good." Mel mumbled referring to me rubbing his head. I smiled leaning down kissing his cheek lightly.

"And I'm not going to leave you, even though I hated how that situation turned out, I'm not going to leave you over it." I said leaning away from his face. "You can talk to me about this stuff instead of holding it in or trying to drown it out with something else" I said reassuringly. "I know, I just didn't think it was that big of a deal and that I was overthinking things." He said moving his hand to my other thigh. "Anything that you feel is bothering you is a big deal." I said softly. He chuckled opening his eyes. "Thank you baby." He said sitting up. "I really do love you." He said standing off the bed. I looked up at him as he held my face with both his hands. I smiled putting my hands on top of his. I was really overthinking this conversation when it was actually so easy. I was worried about nothing. "I love you too." I said. He leaned down kissing me making me rise slightly to reach him. I moved my hands to his wrists gripping them a bit not wanting to pull away.

After a few seconds he pulled away making me pout slightly. He laughed stroking my face softly. "Stop pouting, I'm just tired for right now." He said. I frowned letting my hands fall from holding his. "Tomorrow though, promise." He said leaning in kissing my forehead before letting go of my face. I groaned plopping back on the bed dramatically. I watched as he walked into the bathroom probably going to use it. I turned over on the bed pulling the cover from under me getting underneath it. I grabbed the remote going to change the channel as Mel came out the bathroom. "What hotel did you end up finding?" He asked crawling into bed next to me.

"Mmm this one with a spa, jacuzzi, pool, and some nearby places to eat." I said wrapping my arms around him. "Yea I like that, sounds fun." He said. "The rooms are also really nice and the reviews are good." I said looking up at him as I laid my head on his chest. "How long we staying?" He asked. "For the weekend, I'll pay for it." I said. He scrunched up his face looking down at me. "No you can't say anything it's going to be your birthday and plus you paid for dinner last." I said referring to how we alternated between paying for our meals when we ate out.

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