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I held on to Mel's arm leaning in kissing his cheek a few times. He was falling asleep but I didn't want him to yet. At least not until we got on the plane. That wouldn't be for another thirty minutes. The airport was strangely empty this early in the morning so there weren't many people around. I would've thought there'd be a lot more than now. I kissed Mel's jaw getting no reaction from him. "Mel." I whined pulling his arm. "I'm up." He mumbled. I knew I shouldn't be bothering him so much when I'm the reason he wasn't able to get all the sleep he wanted because of the packing and... early morning sex, but now I was bored. I groaned putting my head on his shoulder. I watched as he took a deep breath placing his elbows on the arms of the chair spreading his legs slightly. I smirked, an idea popping up in my head. I raised my head off his shoulder looking at him as his eyes were closed slightly. "Come with me to the bathroom then." I said quietly close to his ear. He looked over at me for a few seconds before chuckling looking away. "Why're you laughing?" I whined. "Because we just fucked before we got here." He said leaning his head back so he was looking up at the ceiling.

I sucked my teeth letting go of his arm. "Since when were you the one to complain about it?" I asked. "I'm not complaining I'm just tired." He said. He was right though we did just have sex before we got ready to come here and last night too. For some reason I just couldn't get enough of him today. "Whatever." I mumbled turning away from him.

I heard him let out a groan as he stood up from his seat grabbing my hand. I smiled to myself knowing he would give in. "Fifteen minutes at the most." He mumbled pulling me up. He led me away to the bathroom quickly going inside before anyone saw us. We went into the last stall, my stomach starting to get butterflies. He wasted no time grabbing the back of my neck leaning in kissing me roughly. I whimpered slightly almost melting from the roughness. I put my hands on his waist kissing him back. His grip tightened on the back of my neck making me pull away wincing. He stared down at me watching my face screw up in pain with a smirk on his face. His other hand went to my sweatpants pulling them down. He turned my body around bending me over making me quickly grab on to the railing on the wall.

"Ah!" I barely whimpered out in pain. "It hurts?" He asked leaning down close to my ear. "Mmph, just a little." I whined feeling his hand on my bare ass. "Aw that's too bad." He said teasingly into my ear. I let out a quiet moan as his hand pulled my waist toward him a bit more. He slid my underwear down to my thighs before I felt his tip rub against me. He hummed lowly sliding just the head in. I closed my eyes gripping the railing bracing myself for the rest of him. Quicker than I thought Mel pushed the rest into me. I let out a loud moan gasping hearing it echo. I stopped myself remembering we were still in this bathroom. I bit my bottom lip furrowing my eyebrows. I was still a little sore from earlier. I know I asked for this but I don't think I'll be able to take it until he comes.

"Baby..." I panted wanting to turn to look at him but his hand on my neck kept me in place. I looked down hearing him grunt lowly. "I don't..." I breathed out before stopping myself letting out a moan. He had sped up his pace a bit and was hitting so deep inside me. "I don't wanna hear any complaining." He said lowly. "You asked for this." He said chuckling deepening his stroke. My legs started to get all jelly like. It felt like I was going to collapse right here and now. "C'mon baby keep yourself balanced." He said pulling my neck back with his hand making me arch my back more. I whimpered looking up at the ceiling feeling him leaning down kissing the side of my face down to my neck. "Fuck, you feel so good." He breathed against my neck. His tongue ran down my neck before starting to suck on it.

"I'm... I'm gonna come." I panted, my breathing starting to get heavier. "Yea? So soon? Go head, come for me." He taunted lowly against my ear before kissing my earlobe. I moaned closing my eyes pushing back on him a few times to feel him deeper inside me. I cursed under my breath gripping on the railing even harder as I came. I moaned loud hearing it echo off the bathrooms walls. My body jerked slightly as Mel kept going even after I came. His hand let go of my neck wrapping around my waist keeping me in place so I wouldn't fall. "Just bare with me for a minute." He said lowly. He grunted against my ear trying to suppress his moans. I turned my head slightly looking at him seeing him kissing my shoulder a few times. Fuck, I love him so much.

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