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I laid on the sofa on Mel's chest as we watched some movie on Netflix

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I laid on the sofa on Mel's chest as we watched some movie on Netflix. We had finished eating at least an hour ago. I didn't realize I had woken up so late until now. It was just now starting to get later in the day so the sky was such a pretty color. Seeing it from the full length windows we had in our living room was a really nice view. I sat up standing from the sofa going to get my camera to take a picture.

I came back sitting on the floor taking the picture from a lower angle to make it seem elongated. I focused the camera and changed the lighting a little hoping the pictures came out nice. I looked over seeing Mel stand from the sofa coming over to the window. "It looks pretty, let me see the picture." He said as I stood up handing him the camera. "They look good." He said clicking through the pictures. "Thank you." I said happily wrapping my arms around him. "What are you going to do with them?" He asked putting down my camera on an end table with one of our lamps on it. "Hmm maybe edit them or use them in one of my art pieces." I said looking up at him. "Whatever you do I'm sure I'll love it." He said making me smile. I leaned in kissing him feeling his hands move to my waist deepening the kiss. I bit his lip lightly pulling away.

"I have other things to do right now." I said unwrapping my arms from around him getting out of his grasp. He grabbed my wrist pulling me back. "Nah what was all that you was talking last night?" He said smirking. "Stop you know I was drunk." I said laughing. "Nah you still need to back all that talk up." He said grabbing my waist pulling me against him. His lips smashed into mine kissing me roughly. He gripped my waist tightly shoving his tongue in my mouth. I leaned back ending up against the window. The situation was escalating way quicker than what I could've imagined. His hands went up my shirt gripping my boobs once he realized I had on no bra. He pulled away leaving a trail of his saliva dripping down my bottom lip. "You not stopping me?" He asked pulling off my shirt. "No." I said softly licking my lips.

He pulled down my shorts and underwear letting them drop to the floor leaving me fully naked. He grabbed my waist turning me around so that I was facing the window. There was no time wasted for anything. He pulled my waist towards him making my hands go up to the window. "Look the sky's turning pink now." He said close to my ear before kissing the back of my neck. I looked up out the window loving the view feeling his tip rub against my entrance. I moaned lightly as one of his hands played with my nipple while his tip slid inside me. He gripped my waist bracing himself before he rammed the rest inside me making me moan loud. My hands tried to grip the glass to keep myself from falling. I looked back whimpering, laying my face on the window glass to keep my balance from how hard he was thrusting. My legs trembled slightly from the feeling of his balls hitting my clit lightly. "You can't even stand up by yourself." He said lowly chuckling.

He grabbed a hold of one of my legs holding me up while he kept thrusting in and out of me. I moaned panting seeing the window fog up. "So deep." I panted closing my eyes tight while my mouth stayed agape. He grunted as his hand gripped my waist continuing his steady pace. I tried to imagine his expression as he pounded into me. I loved how he looked at me with lust all over his face while he was deep in my guts. I wanted to see what kind of face he was making.

"Baby, I wanna see you." I panted barely even getting it out. He pulled out of me slowly before turning me around. I gasped as he picked me up in a swift movement pinning me against the window. He stared into my eyes sliding into me again. I moaned wrapping my arms around his neck. I couldn't even comprehend the amount of pleasure I was feeling. It all felt too good. He leaned in trailing kisses down my neck to my shoulder. "It feels... so good." I moaned as he thrusted deep into me. "Yea?" He mumbled against my neck.

I laid my head on his shoulder feeling myself about to cum. I moaned his name digging my nails into his back squeezing my eyes shut as he kept going. I let out a short squeal wrapping my legs around his waist tightly as I came. He whimpered pulling out of me busting on my stomach. I looked down watching his cum drip down my chest. He panted letting go of my legs. I felt my whole body go limp as I fell to the floor. I looked down closing my eyes trying to collect my thoughts. My body felt so weak. "Let's go one more time." Mel said. "But we-" Before I could finish he cut me off. "Please." He said lowly. I looked up at him seeing he was still rock hard. Even after he already came he still had the energy to keep going.

"Okay." I said softly. He grabbed my arm pulling me up bending me over the back of the sofa. I looked back at him seeing him looking down at himself sliding into me. I moaned relaxing my body laying my head on a pillow. I heard him moan lightly as he pounded into me. "You're so wet." He mumbled gripping my waist. I gripped the pillow I was laying on trying to keep myself from losing my mind at his voice. I always loved hearing him.

I looked up losing my train of thought hearing Mel's phone ring. He slowed down his pace as it rung. "Give me it." He said. I felt my heartbeat speed up while I hesitantly reached for it. "Why you so nervous?" He asked teasingly as he laughed taking it from me. "I'm not." I whined. "Really? You have to try to be quiet though, okay?" He said running his fingertips down my spine leaving me with goosebumps. "Mhmm." I hummed closing my eyes. "Hello?" I heard him say. My body started to heat up as he started moving at a steady pace again. I could feel the adrenaline rush knowing that he was on the phone with someone. I moaned lightly into my pillow thinking that I could at least be quiet long enough with this pace. At least that's what I thought.

My eyes widened feeling Mel ram deep into me. "Fuck!" I moaned gripping the sofa cushion as he kept thrusting deep into me. I wasn't even listening to what he was saying on the phone anymore but from the bits I heard it sounded like he was talking to his boss. "Yes, I got that paperwork in my email." He said in a steady voice. You wouldn't even be able to tell what he was doing unless you were here with us.

My eyes rolled back feeling him repeatedly hit so deep inside me. I let out a soft groan looking down, cursing under my breath. My vision was starting to get foggy. I looked back at him seeing he was looking down watching him thrust in and out of me. "Mel." I moaned softly. He moved his gaze to my face. "Cum inside me." I panted, gripping harder on the pillow under me. I could feel his whole mood change. "Thank you sir, yes I'll get it done by next week." He said quickly. "Yes, okay, bye have a nice night." He said hanging up that very second. He threw his phone on the sofa moving his eyes back to me.

"You're such a whore." He said chuckling gripping my waist roughly. "You can't take back what you said." He said lowly. I buried my head in the pillow feeling like my body would give out on me soon. "Look at me." He said sternly reaching grabbing my face for me to look at him. My eyes were low but I could still see his face with hunger all over it. He bit his lip speeding up his pace slowing down at the last two thrusts. I moaned rolling my eyes back as he came inside me. It was warm and filled me up to the point where I felt it spilling out of me.

I closed my eyes panting after he pulled out of me. I heard him sigh as his hand ran down my back. "Baby you're amazing." He said lowly. I sat up slightly almost falling but Mel caught me. "Thank you." I said softly feeling his hand snake around my waist. "You okay?" He asked lowly. Before I could respond he picked me up carrying me bridal style to our bathroom. I looked up at him kissing his jaw up to his cheek. "Yea." I said softly, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked down at me chuckling. "What?" I asked a small smile appearing on my face. "Nothing just thinking, you catch me off guard sometimes." He said. I laid my head on his chest feeling my face heat up knowing he was referring to me telling him to cum inside me. It was really just me in the moment of being high on pleasure. "Don't say anything about it." I mumbled as he started laughing.


Recently I've been wanting to be in a relationship for some reason... I'll get well soon <3

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