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I sat down on the hotel bed looking over at Mel as he talked on the phone

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I sat down on the hotel bed looking over at Mel as he talked on the phone. His friends had called him to wish him a happy birthday. We had gotten here at least half an hour ago and had just settled in. We couldn't go out and do much just yet because Mel had to do his work first. I slid off my sandals putting down my phone as Mel ended his conversation.

"How long are you gonna do work?" I asked laying my head on his lap. "Probably a little more than an hour, I don't have that much work to do today." He said looking down at me. I sighed rolling my eyes sitting up. He chuckled standing up grabbing his laptop sitting it on the desk against the opposite wall of the bed. He sat at the chair stretching before digging in his bag pulling out his glasses. I smiled seeing him with his glasses on. He only wore them when he worked but he looked so good when he was all focused with them on.

"What am I supposed to do until then?" I asked. "Mmm not sure." He said already clicking things on his computer. I stood up walking over to him pulling the rolling chair he was in away from the desk getting a confused reaction from him. I ignored it climbing onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck laying my head on his shoulder. "Baby I can't concentrate with you on me." He said laughing. "Please, I just wanna nap with you." I whined. He sighed adjusting his position so that he could see his computer while I was still on him. I sat there for a few minutes listening to him type away on his computer before I started to doze off.


I opened my eyes slightly hearing Mel calling my name. I was laying on the bed and not in the chair on his lap anymore. I looked up seeing him sitting on the bed next to me. He smiled when he saw me open my eyes. "Hey I'm finished my work." He said. I sat up slowly, rubbing my eye. "What time is it?" I asked softly. "Almost three." He said leaning in kissing my cheek lightly. I smiled softly before standing. "Where're we going today?" He asked looking up at me. "We can do whatever before dinner." I said sliding on my sandals.


We ended up going to the mall to buy some things and an arcade to play games before we came back to the room to change for dinner. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It was fun and it seemed like Mel enjoyed himself so that was really what I was hoping for. I just wanted him to have a little break and enjoy himself for once.

I followed behind Mel into the hotel room holding the bear he got me at the arcade as he carried the shopping bags from earlier that we left in the car. I sighed sitting on the bed already a little tired but I still had to give Mel his presents.

"I have two presents for you." I said putting my hand on his shoulder as he pulled off my shoes for me. "Really? What is it?" He asked unbuckling the strap on my heels. "I'll show you, sit on the bed and wait." I said standing after he pulled off both of my shoes. "Okay." He said sitting down on the bed. I opened my duffel bag pulling out the bag that had his watch in it. I turned facing him with a big smile on my face. "Here." I said holding out the bag to him. He looked up at me smiling, hesitantly grabbing the bag. "It must be something nice." He said opening the bag. He pulled out the box looking like he had a vague idea of what it could be because of the shape.

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