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I leaned my back against Mel's chest as one of his arms wrapped around my waist holding me up. "You're making this sexual when it's not." He said chuckling in my ear. "I'm not, this is just a natural reaction." I said shakily feeling his fingers push inside of me. Every once in awhile when I'd let Mel cum inside me he'd clean most of it out for me. "It was a lot." He said lowly in my ear pushing against my weak spot. I gasped moaning hearing it echo off the bathroom walls. "You're on birth control right?" He asked pushing deeper inside of me. "Yea." I said looking over at him. "What?" He asked looking back at me. "Nothing." I said giggling looking down as more of his cum dripped out of me. He pushed against my weak spot again making me whimper and my body to shudder.

"Mel wait." I said grabbing his arm with both my hands. "What?" He asked. "It's still sensitive." I said gripping his forearm. "Mmm really?" He said playfully pushing against it again. My body jolted making me feel like I would collapse but luckily Mel's arm was holding me up sturdily. "Mel, please, you only have one job." I whined knowing I wouldn't be able to take anymore. "I know I know." He mumbled holding my waist tighter. I leaned my head back on his shoulder closing my eyes slightly. His hand around my waist caressed me lightly as his fingers pumped into me. I moaned softly feeling him kiss my cheek down to my neck a few times before pulling his two fingers out of me. "That should be most of it." He said letting go of my waist.


I laid in bed scrolling on my phone almost an hour after getting out the shower. "Baby." Mel whined pulling at my shirt. "What?" I said annoyed. Sometimes Mel was overly clingy to the point where it was annoying. All I did was tell him I didn't want to cuddle right now and he's acting like it's the end of the world. "Why don't you want to cuddle with me?" He whined. "It's hot." I said sending a text to Lonnie. "It's not that hot." He said grabbing my waist. "How are you going to tell me how I feel?" I said playfully. "Go clean up the living room." I said moving his hands off of me. He furrowed his eyebrows pouting before standing up.

Me and Mel are together 24/7 so getting annoyed with each other is bound to happen. He has other hobbies he likes that he doesn't do often because he's always up under me. He barely even plays his game anymore which is weird to me because he was so attached to it a few months ago.

I complained about him playing all day probably once or twice and he ended up cutting it out completely after trying to cut down on playing just a little. That was definitely something I didn't like much that he did. He was considerate of what I wanted but a little too considerate to the point where he was only doing what I wanted him to do. I've talked to him about how I didn't like him doing that before and he just told me he was doing what he wanted to do and it just happened to be in my favor. I knew deep down that that wasn't fully true. He was doing what he wanted but he was only doing it because of me. I influenced all of his choices because he was always thinking about what I would want and I really don't like for him to be like that.

I sighed putting down my phone sitting up. I stood going to the thermostat turning on the air conditioner. I walked back to the room grabbing the remote to turn on something to watch. It was already a little late and I was just starting to get a little tired. Plus Mel went back to work in two days so I would have to get back into my routine of getting up early again. I've been sleeping later lately instead of waking up at my usual early time because of the amount of sex we've been having recently. I mean I wasn't complaining but he really did tire me out.

I settled on watching a show I hadn't watched in awhile getting comfortable under the covers. A few minutes later Mel walked into the room. "Baby I cleaned the living room so now can we cuddle?" He asked climbing into bed next to me. I laughed looking over at him. "What's so funny?" He asked wrapping his arms around me. "You're too clingy." I said wrapping my arms around him too. "Mmm I've noticed." He said planting a kiss on my forehead. "I don't hate it all the time though." I said smiling. "Of course you wouldn't." He said as his hand traveled down to my waist. I rolled my eyes laying my head on his chest at his arrogance.

"Oh yea isn't your exhibit coming up soon?" He asked as his thumb caressed my bare waist. "Yea, next week." I said looking at the TV. "My parents wanted to come and have dinner with us afterwards, I couldn't really tell them no." I said. "Oh? It'd be nice to see them, they cool people." He said happily. "That's only because they like you." I mumbled. "Which just means they also have great taste." He said chuckling. "Be quiet." I said laughing.

"I really am excited to see the exhibit though." He said. "Really?" I asked looking up at him. "Of course, I always love seeing your art." He said. My face grew hot at his words. Why'd he always know what to say to get me all worked up? He never failed to make me feel special. I buried my head back into his chest groaning softly. "You're really just perfect huh?" I mumbled. He started laughing. "I wouldn't say that." He said running his hand up my shirt to my side. "Mmm not feeling cocky now?" I asked teasingly. "Just wanted to hear you disagree with me." He said chuckling. I groaned sliding out of his hold. "Wait no I'm sorry." He said holding in laughter as he tried to wrap his arms around me again. "Leave me alone." I said hiding the smile that wanted to show. He leaned down kissing the side of my face as I turned my head giggling. "Mel stop I wanna sleep." I said placing one of my hands on his face. He sighed pulling away from me laying down pulling me back into his arms.


This week went by faster than I would've thought. I looked up hearing my phone ring. "Mel wait." I said panicking. He gripped my thighs tighter as his tongue licked my clit. I felt chills down my spine contemplating if I should answer the phone or not. "It's my mom." I said softly. He stopped his tongue letting go of my thighs. I grabbed my phone trying to get myself together in the few seconds between me pressing the accept button and putting the phone to my ear. "Hey mom." I said as normal as possible. I looked down seeing Mel kissing up my stomach. I could hear my mom asking me how I was but I wasn't paying much attention to her. It was like her voice was a hazy background in my head. "That feels good." I said softly running my hand through his dreads. He looked up at me smirking before kissing down my stomach to my thighs. I got chills everywhere he kissed me.

I came back to reality hearing my mom call my name. "Yes ma, I'm doing pretty well." I said looking up at the ceiling. "That's good to hear, I just wanted to know what time should we show up to the exhibit at the museum? Me and your dad can't wait to see." She said excitedly. "Aw thanks I'm happy you guys want to-" I stopped mid sentence as my body jolted feeling Mel start sucking on my clit. "I'm happy you guys want to come and see my work." I said quickly. "Of course! You know me and your dad would always want to come support you." She said. "Aw I can't wait to see you guys, it's going to start tomorrow around five." I said looking down at Mel. He stopped his tongue moving back up to my stomach kissing me again. "Oh hold on your dad is calling me, text me the rest of the details I just wanted to know you were doing okay, love you." She said. "Thank you love you too." I said before hanging up my phone. I sighed softly, putting my phone down. "You want me keep going?" Mel asked hovering over me looking down at me. I smiled seeing him lick his lips. "I already came three times, I'm tired now." I said wrapping my arms around his neck. "Really? I thought you'd be up for a round, or two." He said, his eyes moving down to my lips. "We just did earlier." I said rolling my eyes. "That was so lo-" He said before I cut him off.

"Uh uh I don't want to hear it." I said. He laughed leaning down pecking my lips a few times before standing. "I gotta go finish my work I'll be back before you fall asleep." He said walking out the room. I sighed sitting up pulling off my shirt deciding to go shower before going to bed. It would take me a little while so that should also keep me up long enough to not fall asleep before Mel got into bed.


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