Chapter 59

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Francy's p

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Francy's p.o.v

After many Merry Christmases were said, and lots of champagne and food was consumed, I was  starting to feel tired. We gave the guests their gifts, sent them on their way and once everyone had left,  I crashed on the couch.

Fin and Ace were fighting over what the best game character is while Kai and Elric were cuddling with the cats watching Fin and Ace debating passionately.

Dorian was cuddled up on Elric's lap, while Momo was sleeping on his sexy broad shoulder. Kai was hugging Pierre as usual.

Suddenly Rehan tiptoed over to me, shushed me and pulled me off the couch.

Everyone noticed that and immediately got up to see what was so interesting. Rehan stopped in front of the kitchen and we peeked over the wall to see what got his interest.

Mom and Dad were slow dancing, so close to each other and dad was whispering something to mom to make her smile. They looked so romantic and cute.

I took a step back nudging everyone behind me to take a step back.

"Guys we have to do something about this? You know...let them have their moment." I told them.

"Wear headphones?" Rehan suggested earning himself a hit from Kai.

"I meant like letting them have their moment while we clean some of the mess ."

"I like that idea." Rehan said, taking off his suit. "Fin and Lucy can help."

"We can't make the guests clean." Ace complained. "Even still, there is so much work to be done."

"Anybody home..?" The front door closed.

We turned around to see Remi coming over with bags of gifts. She dropped the bags down and grinned. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." I ran over hugging her happily. "You made it."

She hugged me back jumping on her heels. "I begged."

She then took off her coat and passed it to me.

Oh my god. I almost dropped her coat.

She was wearing a little black dress and looking so hot. Kai was too shocked to say anything.

"Merry Christmas." Ace and Rehan came over to hug her and help her bring the gifts under the tree.

"Food?" I offered.

She raised her hands."If I have any more, I'll pop like a balloon. I just came over to hang out and maybe help you guys clean."

"Nonsense." Mom and Dad joined us in the living room. "We'll go and change and clean, you kids enjoy yourselves."

"Actually.." I came over to them whispering.. "We were thinking of cleaning everything ourselves. That way we can have fun more relaxed rather than our parents over our heads. You can go to bed. I'll make sure we clean up."

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