Chapter 38

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Francy's p.o.v

Rehan's party was a hit. The food turned out great and the decorations were done on time. Our family and friends had all gathered in large numbers and enjoyed the amazing Halloween birthday party Rehan had thrown. Every year his birthday was a big hit.

Our little cousins were all over the cats and the older ones had gathered around Kai and Ace.

I was munching on a pumpkin pie when Remi texted me she was here.

"Finally woman." I left my plate and ran towards the door. She was standing in the living room with Fin.

"You made it." I hugged her and then looked up at Fin. "Well well well... look who's back again"

"Shut up." He smiled and left to find Kai.

Remi scooped closer to me. "Seems like they made up. I asked him a bit about it when we met at the door but he only said that they talked it out." She dragged me to the kitchen.

"I know. Kai was beaming in a good mood all morning.. After Elric said to his face yesterday that he was being insensitive, I'm sure he went and apologized to Fin." I handed Remi a drink from the counter.

"What?" She took the drink.

I told her in short about what happened yesterday, going back to the living room so she can eat.

"I can't wait to meet Lucy." Remi smiled. "Or Elric. What should I call him? Wait, he will come right?"

"Even I'm confused about what to call him. I wonder if he is even going to come."

As soon as I said it the doorbell rang. We walked back to the living room as mom went to open the door.

Elric walked in wearing the sexiest turtleneck I've ever seen on a guy and his hair fixed up. His eyes instantly found mine.

He walked over and for a second I was considering running, but Remi had a firm hold on my elbow.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi." I smiled and looked down. Was I dressed okay? I didn't have any stain on my teeth right?

"I'm Remi. Francy's friend." Remi smiled.

He put a hand out."I'm..."

"Lucy.. I mean Elric. Francy told me about you." She shook his hand.

He gave her a polite smile which was a relief. I did not want him giving his gloomy stares to Remi.

"Francy, remember what I said about the gifts.." He said.

"Yeah. None of us gave him anything yet" I answered.

"Do you mind bringing your gift here?"

"Um sure.."

I went to fetch my gift and came back to find him where I left him. He was having a chat with Remi. She was red head to toe.

"What did I miss?"

"Kai just came to say hi to us." Elric said and glanced at Remi intrigued. Hugging her drink she excused herself.

"I don't know If you've noticed but your brother and Remi..." Elric started and I raised my hand.

"I know I know. We all know. Our whole family knows. He has a crush on her. And I think she likes him too." I shook my head and sighed.

"So why don't you encourage them?" He asked, taking the small gift box from my hands.

"I did. Did you see that mutually awkward hi?"

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