Chapter 57

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Francy's p.o.v

Nooooooooooo! It was happening! AGAIN THIS YEAR LIKE THE LAST.

We were sitting in front of the giant TV and I was absolutely disgusted with what I was seeing.

"Another trash movie." Remi pulled out her notes and scratched this last one off.

"This is unbelievable!" I threw an empty chocolate wrap towards TV. It fell into the previously accumulated pile of wraps that Remi and I have been throwing for a while.

We had three different sugary hot beverages since this morning, three giant chocolate santas, a box of ginger cookies bought from the best bakery in town, crackers to switch things up then back to the sweets. We were probably high on sugar but definitely not nearly done.

Remi's mom had sent us pancakes that were in waiting, then some healthy salads for lunch and sweet rice pudding for later.

Like every year, before going onto the best Christmas movies of all time we had to weed out the horrible ones and the new cute ones from the batch. That meant sitting and watching hours of cringe worthy Christmas movies. In French, Italian, German, Swedish, English, and just in case check for any Korean Japanese and Chinese movies that might cover Christmas.

Not that we were going to stop watching them on Christmas. No way. We continued doing this until New Years.

Today's movie theme was Christmas' princes.

And let me tell you, another one of these and I was going to cancel Christmas.

"Who writes these scripts?" Remi was horrified. She was already setting up the next one "I hope this next one is better. I have high hopes."

"What's this one's plot?" I asked as I saw a picture on the screen that looked similar to every other Christmas movie poster.

"It's a Danish movie. They just started dating and she doesn't know he's a prince and he has to take her home for Christmas to his country. His mother wants to set him up with an old love flame that she approves of and she invites her to the castle."

"So like every movie ever." I shook my head disappointed.

"But.." Remi continued. "The plot twist is that the prince doesn't want to disappoint his mother nor his girlfriend so he talks to his younger twin brother.."

My ears perked up. "Did you just say twin brother?"

Remi smirked. "Aham. And the twin brother has to pretend he's the prince and spend time with the girlfriend. The actual prince meets his ex and old feelings start coming back. While the twin brother starts falling for the new girlfriend, she seems to like the new side of the prince."

"It sounds like I've watched this already in another version, but I'll be damned . It seems juicy. I want to love it. Hit me." I settled on the couch ready for the movie.

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