Chapter 49

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Francy's p.o.v

I woke up on Saturday snuggled up in my blankets, the sun peeking through the blinds over my pillow. The clock on the wall signified 10 o' clock.

The door to my room was slightly open so I figured mom must have opened it so the cats can do out and eat. I could hear the cooking pans in the kitchen. Mom was either doing the dishes or cooking, and the TV was on so I was sure dad was up as well.

I headed to the bathroom to freshen up, hopping on one leg trying to get a sock on. Oh right.. Elric was gonna stop by. After a whole week I was finally going to see him. Yay.

I should put some makeup on. Be pretty. Dazzle him. But like subtle dazzle.. cause .. we can't let anyone know.

Ugh.. Medium dazzle it is. 

We had to be really careful talking on the phone and most of our conversation was down to texting. I wanted to see him so badly.

I put on some subtle make up and headed to the living room. Damn, it was so bright.

It had snowed everyday for a whole week and the snow had piled up. The living room was so bright because of it, I had to close my eyes when I entered.

I almost missed the three giant boxes that were waiting for us in the living room, stuffed with decorations ready to be put up. The empty plastic Christmas tree was unpacked and laid on the floor, crying for attention.

"Morning." I told dad who was drinking his coffee watching a ski competition on TV.

"Morning." He smiled at me and then focused back on the TV.

I passed by him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then grabbed Dorian in my hands who was sprawled in the middle on the floor.

I made my way to the kitchen. Mom was finishing up the dishes and Pierre was there on the counter keeping her company.

"Morning mom." I smiled and sat down. Dorian wiggled out and went to check out what Pierre was staring at.

"Morning." Mom smiled. "Coffee or food first?"

"Coffee please." I put out my hands like a beggar.

She poured coffee in a giant mug and handed it to me.

I took the mug with a grin on my face, and started dancing in my seat as I took a sip of the warm delicious coffee.

"Ah my daughter is so cute." Mom suddenly attacked me with hugs and kisses.

"Mom I'm gonna spill my coffee." I laughed putting the mug down and hugged her.

"You're so cute and so fluffy. Like a marshmallow." She grabbed my arm, playfully biting it.

I kept laughing and tried to defend myself.

"Coffee, coffee." Ace walked in the kitchen and then saw me and mom. He instantly ran and hugged her from behind. "Any love for me?"

She turned around and hugged him. "Aww my babies are so cute. Even my 18 year old baby. Oh you smell like toothpaste."

Ace rubbed the sides of this mouth. "Oopsy. Any coffee for me?"

"Yes." Mom poured him a cup while he started prepping his protein shake.

"Oh mom.." He started. "You won't believe the dream I had. I was at the beach and it was still December and it was so cold but I wanted to swim and suddenly I saw sharks but like baby sharks and I wanted to save them.."

"Oh I've had a dream about baby sharks as well." I said.

"Really?" Ace asked.

"Yeah. But I was in an aquarium and then this kid started throwing rocks and.."

"You're doing it again." Ace sighed. "I was telling my dream and then you start telling your dream."

"Sorry.." I zipped my mouth.

"So like these baby sharks were swimming very close to the beach." Ace continued. "And I volunteered to swim and get the baby sharks in deeper water."

"And did you?" Mom asked, setting the kitchen table for breakfast.

"Yess. I swam and like got those baby sharks to safety and then I swam back to the beach but the weather was super nice and sunny now.. What do you think it means?"

"Hopefully it means you're thinking of graduating this year with great marks, despite some class-ditching problems we had." Mom added.

Ace laughed awkwardly and helped mom set the table.

Rehan showed up in a great mood with goggles over his head and headphones on his ears. They were blasting and I could hear the 90's jams playing.

Knowing the song, I started singing and Rehan sang louder. I got up and we started dancing, singing even louder.

It was full on- duet including the dance moves.

After the final move, Mom made a face which we knew meant sit down and shut up.

"When is Kai going to get up? Does he plan to sleep all day long?" Mom asked leaving the kitchen.

Kai loved sleeping in on weekends. No one really bothered waking him up unless we were told to or mom was home.

"Where do we start decorating? The hall, the living" I asked putting a piece of mom's spinach pie on everyone's plate.

"The living room needs all of us so we start there." Ace said going for the pie but burning his fingers. "Ouch."

The pie was steaming and smelled divine.

"Let's do the walls and windows first and move on to the tree last. It's the best part anyways." Rehan said, pouring a glass of yogurt in his glass.

"Agreed. " I said, taking a bite of the pie. It. for.

"Agreed." Ace smiled, focusing on his coffee and protein shake first.

"Morning." Kai joined us in the kitchen still in his pajamas with the worst bed hair. Pierre instantly came over wrapping his tail around his legs.

Kai picked him up like a baby and hugged him. "Oh my best buddy. You're so warm." Pierre nuzzled in Kai's neck.

As Kai held him and patted him, suddenly he kicked Ace's chair. "You're in my seat."

"Just take any other seat." Ace complained.

"My seat." He kicked it again.

"Okay. Okay." Ace moved to the chair next to Rehan.

Kai settled on his chair still hugging Pierre.

Mom walked back in the kitchen and served the rest of the food on the table.

"Okay! Eat and let's get to work."

Everyone mumbled signs of annoyance, except me. Cause I knew who was coming soon.

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