Chapter 56

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Without further delay, here is the new chapter you all deserved.

Francy's p.o.v

After hours of phone conversation with Remi about Kai, I was nearly going to be late for my date with Elric. Not to mention outside snow was falling like the world depended on it. I got off the tramway, heavy snowflakes falling all over my hair and face making it hard to see, but even through the thickness of white I saw Elric waiting for me. I ran into his arms hugging him.

He brushed the snowflakes off my hair and then leaned to kiss me. His lips and nose were cold over my warm ones. I wrapped my hands around his neck pulling him closer. His new cologne smelled so good.

"You smell really nice." I leaned closer to where his jacket was unzipped.

"And you look so beautiful." He cupped my face and kissed me again. Any more of those kisses and we'd be forbidden to go out in public.

He took my hand and we headed towards the mall.

He took my hand and we headed towards the mall

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