Chapter 30

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Francy's p

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Francy's p.o.v

I walked in my house humming. Ah life was so beautiful.

In the living room, Ace and Rehan seemed to be drawing up something. I approached them to see what they were doing.

"Are we redecorating?" I asked looking at the items they were writing on the list.

"We are making a list of things we'll need to burry Kai." Rehan replied. " Or cremate him. Do you think he wants to be cremated or buried."

"Um what?" I dropped my bag.

"He won't eat anything he won't talk to anyone." Ace explained. "He is completely refusing to talk to mom and dad. They went out to buy him his favorite food hoping to lure him out. But at this rate he'll starve to death."

"And you are already planning his funeral?" I shook my head. "You disappoint me, brothers."

"What were we supposed to do?" Rehan put down the pen annoyed.

I took out my phone. "I'm pulling out the big guns."

They both looked at me confused. The phone rang and finally she answered.

"Hey Remi. I know this is a big favor but can you come over. It's about Kai. Something happened. Yes, the Fin thing. Aham. Great. See you."

They looked at me appalled.

"You just opened Pandora's box." Ace shook his head. "We don't know what consequences this will cause."

Rehan clicked his pen. "On second thought. I'm making a funeral plan for her as well."

Remi showed up ten minutes later with a worried look on her face.

"I heard what happened, but I didn't think it would be this bad."

"I know." I answered. "Not even his favorite food could lure him out."

"So what do you want me to do?" She asked, taking off her coat.

"Just try to talk to him." I took her coat. "Remember our first fight? We needed help to get over that so Ace bought us ice cream and switched our favorite flavors. We were forced to talk so we can change the ice creams."

"Oh yeah." She smiled. "I remember that."

"So just something. Do something." I pleaded.

"Okay." She nodded and went up the stairs.

"Wish me luck." She waved.

The moment she was gone Rehan and Ace jumped from behind the couch and we tiptoed upstairs glueing ourselves on the wall hoping to hear the conversation.

Remi knocked on the door.

No one answered nor opened the door.

Remi knocked again.

No answer.

She knocked again only this time...

"Hey Kai...It's me Remi. Can you open the door for a second?"

We all grabbed our hands not sure what to expect.

And then we heard the door handle click.

We squeezed the grip. This was it. The world might explode.




We all peeked from the wall.

He was standing there, his arms crossed looking down at Remi.

He glanced in our direction but we hid on time.

"I heard what happened at school." Remi told him.

"Yeah. Un..fight..Fin..whole school ...gossiping. The whole school is gossiping. im sure." Kai answered. Barely.

Remi seemed nervous. "Well it's October and um in October at school there isn't much to do except homework and none of the couples break up yet or something interesting happens so when they hear or see something they hold on to it for dear life especially something as juicy as two best friends breaking up over a mysterious reason." Remi took a breath of air.

"And I'm not one of these people even though I have equal curiosity in finding out what happened between you and Fin. But out of worry. Because you two having a fall out it's as equally shocking as Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel breaking up the Oasis. Or the Jonas brothers. That was heartbreaking. I mean you and Fin are best friends ever since I can remember. I can't picture you fighting. Can you imagine the Blues Brothers ever splitting up? Not that you two are like the Blues brothers but..just try to picture them ever falling out."

We peeked behind the wall again.

Kai's crossed hands fell by his side. He smiled at Remi.

"I appreciate you... I mean that you.. are comparing us to the blues brothers. "


"Yeah." He looked at the floor.


"Yeah?"He raised his head excited.

"Do you hungry..I mean are you hungry?" Remi asked.

Was this stutterness contagious? Why was she so nervous suddenly?

"Yes. I'm hungry." He answered and they headed our way. 

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