4 - Kidnapped by Clichés

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^^Andrew Pierce

Lillian’s POV

After eating lunch with Chloe on the ground, we walked back inside our school and went to our lockers. Getting books for our next classes, we strolled towards it.

“God,” Chloe grumbled. “Why do we have classes so far!”

I had biology and Chloe had English. Both classes we on separate floors.

I chuckled and bid her bye as I ascend the steps for the second floor. Everyone was casually talking in the corridor, waiting for the bell to ring. I padded towards my class which was at the other end.

I was passing classes on my way when out of the blue someone grabbed my hand and yanked me. I opened my mouth to scream but was ceased when the person put their hand on my mouth. I struggled to get out of the hold and bit the hand.

“F**k!” I heard the person groan, but still kept the hand in place.

The sound of the door closed banged, and I was squeezed against it with the hand still on my mouth and the body over me, keeping me from fighting. I blinked my eyes to adjust my vision and recognized my kidnapper.


His black shoulder hair was wrapped in a loose pony and his forehead furrowed.

“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth now so you’re going to be a good girl and will not shout.” He said darted his dark brown eyes in mine. “Got it?” I slowly nodded, still perplexed by what was going on. “Good.” He said and let go.

He backed away and my eyes bugged out when I saw the Clichés standing in front of me in an empty classroom. I darted my gaze at everyone, one by one, in confusion.

Andrew sat on the podium with a troubled look on his face as he looked at me from head to toe and Brittany beside him with a scowl. David stood near the window with Tiana between his legs, Madeleine sat on the desk with her legs dangling and a full grin while Louis sat on the first-row seat beside Madeleine with a frown as if he was trying to identify me.

What’s going on?

Brittany answered my question as she footed forward, raking her eyes over me.

“Well... Well... Well... Finally found the mystery girl.” She snarled.

Gulping, I pushed myself against the door and that made David snickered at me. “You’re frightening the girl, B.”

“After seeing that scary face, who wouldn’t?” Madeleine added and they burst to laugh.

“Shut up a**holes!” Brittany scolded them, then snapped her eyes back at me. “Sit.” She pointed at the seat in front.

I peeked at Jordan, who was still standing with me. He motioned for me to go forth. Without saying anything I quietly sat on the seat beside Louis and side glanced at him.

“You look familiar.” He said, examining my face.

Monday was the first time we met, and it was brief, so I didn’t expect him to remember me.

“How does she look familiar to you?” Madeleine inquired, putting her arm on Louis’s shoulder and scrutinized me. “This is the first time I’m seeing her.”

“She’s Chloe’s friend,” David said, making everyone turned toward him, including me, in surprise.

“How the f**k you know that?” Tiana asked, turning in his arms and glared.

“I’ve seen them together.” He shrugged.

He used to flirt with Chloe all the time, and I was surprised he even knew me.

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