26 - Do the daring

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^^Luke Smith

Lillian's POV

The next day, I was sitting at our usual place during lunch. Both Toby and Chloe were busy searching for ideas on google, one for his second anniversary and the other for Valentine's day while I was reading a book... more like staring at it.

After knowing Louis's secret, I couldn't wrap my head around it. It was unfair that he didn't tell that to others and sad that he didn't want them to be worried. I felt bad that he had to go through this alone, but he had to realize that it will help him if the others know about it.

"Oh, I got it!" Chloe exclaimed, cutting my thoughts. "I have finally found how I'm going to ask Louis to be my Valentine!" She squealed.

I gulped while Toby asked. "How?"

"I'm going to give him a letter telling him my true feelings and how I have been crushing on him for years with 'Will you be my Valentine' on it and give him three options."

"And the options are...?" Toby asked curiously.

"The first one will be 'Yes', the second will be 'Yes, Yes' and the third will be..." she trailed off, building suspense.

"No...?" Toby implied.

"Nah-uh." She shook her head and gave him a toothy grin. "It will be 'Yes Yes Yes' so there's no way he could say no to me!" she exclaimed. My insides clenched when I saw her excited face and felt guilty that I couldn't tell her about the guy she likes.

"That makes no sense," He said deadpan.

"Of course it does!" Chloe argued. "He will have no choice but to, obviously, say yes to me."

"He can still say no-"

"He won't!" She jumped to her feet. "Even if he did, I will ask him again and again and again. The fear of rejection will not stop me from getting him anymore." She said, looking determined, and walked away.

"Where are you going?!" I asked her.

"To make letters!"

"You still have around a week!"

"And it's not enough!" She said and disappeared around the corner.

"What am I going to do?!" Toby groaned and laid on the grass. "Even Chloe found an idea for herself."

"Why do you have in mind?"

"Nothing." He screamed in frustration. "We can't go to his house because his dad is home these days. We can't go to mine because it's like our usual routine and I want something special which again I can't do because we can't hang out together in front of people!"

"What did you guys do last year?"

"Ben invited me to his house because no one was home and that was my first time there." He sighed. "He arranged a romantic candlelight dinner in his backyard. After that we watch a movie, then we went to his room and-"

"Ok, buddy, no need for details." I panicked and cut him off. "I got the idea."

He let out a light chuckle, then took a long breath. "This year I asked him to let me plan and... Our anniversary is on Saturday and I still can't find anything to do!"

I ran my brain for some ideas, but nothing came. It was like blank. The bell rang and we got up to get to our classes. Toby said he'll search for something else and won't give up easily. The rest of the classes went slower than ever and I blew a breath in relief when they ended.

After the classes, I was walking towards my cycle when my eyes went towards the crowd that was formed on the High school ground. I peeked there and saw Andrew and Ben doing situps while the clichés and rest of the students were watching and laughing at them. Brittany made them do stupid things all week as their punishment and if they wanted her forgiveness, they had to do it.

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