12 - Catching the cheater

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^^David Mayer

Lillian's POV

"Good morning." I greeted my parents as I reached the kitchen.

"What is that?" I froze in my steps at my mom's voice. "Tell me that's not what you're wearing for the match?" She eyed my plain black shirt with grey pants. I nodded, and she shook her head. "No, no, no."

"It's not that bad," I mumbled, glancing at her.

"My dear daughter, you need to learn some things about fashion, and as your mother, I must fix it." She shoved her spatula to dad. "You cook this..." Mom said to dad then turned to me, "...and you're coming with me."

She strode to me and yanked me upstairs. I gave my father a pleading glance, but he shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's see what you have..." mom mumbled as she rampages through my clothes. "What do you do with the allowance we give you?" She asked, crossing her arms.

"I save them." I gave her a sheepish smile.

She groaned. "They aren't for saving Lillian. Use them on yourself and get the extra things you need. Like clothes..." She pointed at the few outfits in my wardrobe.

"I wear a uniform to high school so I need little to wear." I bit my lip.

She sighed. "If I had any idea about this before I would have taken you shopping." She turned towards my closet. "Let's see if we could come up with something."

Ten minutes later, she finally decided on an outfit. "This is better." She gave me a green sweater shirt with black leggings and shoes. "The green is going to compliment your eye color. Now hurry and change. I'll go see your dad before he burns the house."

Giggling, I walked to the bathroom and changed into the outfit my mom took for me.

Giggling, I walked to the bathroom and changed into the outfit my mom took for me

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I glanced at my hair, which I tied in two French braids. Picking my phone and some money, I jogged downstairs, and I saw mom scolding dad for burning the oats. I chuckled and waited for my mom to fix the meal. After eating, I bid them bye and walked out of the house on my bicycle.

I glanced at the sky and thanked God when I saw it clear. Mounting on my bicycle, I rode towards West high.

~•~ • ~•~ • ~•~

I placed my bicycle in the stand and saw the parking lot filled with cars and more were coming. I texted Toby and asked him where he was. I knew Chloe was here already because she had to rehearse with the cheer squad.

Toby: I forgot to put the alarm on and just woke up. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Me: Okay.

I followed the students in front of me as they walked through the high school corridor to the back. I gawked at the already filled stadium. On the left side were the opposite team and their supporters with red foam fingers, posters, and on the right were West High students with blue posters of West Wolfs, wishing them luck.

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