25 - YOLO

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^^Louis Young

Lillian's POV

"It's a bad idea."

"You'll be great." Andrew beamed.

"No, I won't." I shook my head. "I've only played soccer in video games."

"It's the same," Toby said.

"It isn't." I squinted my eyes at him.

"You'll be the goalkeeper. You just have to catch the ball if it comes to you," Ben argued.

"Easier said than done." I scoffed.

We were at the fan soccer ground to play the match, but LAFC was short of one player and the boys were forcing me to play.

"Relax Lillian." Andrew put his hands on my shoulder. "You just have to stay there only for fifteen minutes." I opened my mouth, but he continued. "And don't worry, I won't let anyone come near you." He winked.

I didn't know why, but my heart thumped at that.

"Do you have a player or not?" The registration guy asked for the nth time. "We have little time here."

The boys turned to me with puppy faces, and I sighed.


"Yes!" they cheered and registered us.

The rival team was ready, waiting for us at the mini ground. It was a street type of match, so no one was in gear. Most of the players were from my previous high school, including Mark. He became the captain of my previous high school after my brother graduated.

I swallowed hard and followed the boys. They formed a circle with other players and discussed their strategy, which flew over my head. Ben clapped his hands and everyone scattered while I stood there dumbfounded.

"Lillian," Toby whispered, getting my attention. "Go to the net."

"Oh..." I ran towards it and copied the rival team goalkeeper as he jumped from one side to another for no reason.

This is awkward.

The whistle blew, and the game began. I watched as the ball got tossed from one player to another, ending on Andrew. As he did in the match at school, he rolled the ball towards the net, and divert everyone's attention to him. Then he passed the ball to Ben, who was on the other side and the goalkeeper rushed towards him. Ben lobbed the ball, and it flew over the goalkeeper, straight into the net.

"GOAL!" The crowd gone wild and cheered. I jumped from my place and clapped for them. It was epic watching them play this close.

The game resumed and for the remaining time, no score was made. In the last few minutes, the ball ended on Toby. He tried to pass it to Ben, but Mark got in the way and caught the ball. I watched as Andrew tried to block him, but Mark said something, making him still.

My eyes bugged out when Mark crossed the players and got near to me. Ben shouted at Andrew, getting him out of his daze and he followed Mark, but he was far behind.

My body shook as Mark came in front of me. I took a step back and my eyes were glued to the ball. Mark stood a little left to the ball and after playing video games all these years, I knew he was about to throw a left curve. He kicked the ball, and I hopped to my left. My eyes automatically squeezed shut as the ball hit my stomach. I clutched it to me and a sharp pain shot up my left shoulder when I slide to the ground.

Wincing, I laid on my back and slowly opened my eyes at the roar of the crowd.

I caught it!

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