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^^Clichés costumes

Lillian’s POV

“I think it’s enough.”

“No, it’s not.”

“You put the whole thing on my face!”

“Because it’s needed!”

“I’m not a f**king girl!”

“But you’re a Zombie!”

I sighed and shook my head as I watched Chloe and Ben fight over the make-up. Chloe decided for us to be a group of Zombies and now she was putting make-up on us. I glanced at Toby, at my right, who was quietly sitting as Chloe’s mother did his make-up.

Toby and I were already pale, so we needed little foundation to create the death look as it was on Ben, and it nauseated him. I was glad that Chloe got with the Zombie and I didn’t need to buy anything. I took my mom’s old nurse uniform and put blood on it.

Chloe bought a new cheerleader costume for herself, and she brutally tore it apart in front of me. My heart split at the sight of the new dress ripping, but I stayed quiet. Ben got a soccer costume and Toby wore a plain white shirt and black pants. Now Chloe and her mother were doing magic on us.

“Come on, Chloe, just f**king finish it,” Ben grumbled.

“Fine, I am done.” Chloe rolled her eyes, then grinned. “Now for the hair.” That made Ben froze.

“Hair?” He gulped.

“Yeah...” Chloe gave him a toothy grin. “I’ll shave your hair from one side and going to make it look like your brain is spilling out.”

“What?!” Ben shrieked, plopping his hands on his hair.

“Please not the hair,” Toby shuddered from my side, also looking horrified.

“I’m just kidding!” Chloe burst to giggle. “You should have seen your face!” Toby sighed, and I covered my face to hide the grin. “But...” She turned serious and showed a bald cap. “I am going to spill your brain and this thing will cover your hair.”

“Is it necessary?” Ben scowled at her.

“Yes, it is.” Chloe matched his glare.

“Actually, it’s not.” Toby backed Ben. “Zombies weakness is their brain, if you spill it then how is he supposed to go around.”

“But it’s not real.” Chloe tried to argue.

“Yeah, but we are trying to make it real...” Toby responded, and Chloe tapped her chin, thinking over it.

Ben mouthed thank you to Toby, who gave him a discreet wink.

“You’re right.” Chloe bobbed her head. “But I’m going to show it a little on your forehead.”

“Fine.” Ben huffed, crossed his arm while Chloe clapped happily and worked on it.

“Done.” Mrs. Russell announced, looking proud of her artwork.

“Wow...” I observed Toby’s costume. He had a bandage over his head and had makeup on his face that looked like cuts, one hand under his shirt and showed his fake hand covered in blood from his shirt.

“Thank you, Mrs. Russell, it’s cool.” Toby gave her a grateful smile.

“Oh, it’s alright.” She blushed and stood in front of me. “Now you turn.” I nodded and let her do it. She did my eyes smoky black and made it look like blood running out of my nose and lips.

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