23 - Not until you two kiss

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^^Janitor's closet

Lillian's POV

In the morning, I woke up with a gigantic smile on my face and I didn't know the reason for it. Then I got ready for school and went downstairs for breakfast. I showed my parents the picture of the event Chloe sent me and Mom complained that why I was in a few of them. She said that I should take more pictures and make them memorable... I was sure Ben and Andrew's fight made it a lot memorable so did Nate's secret.

When I reached school, I saw Andrew and Ben in the parking lot eyeing each other. I followed him inside to make sure they wouldn't start beating each other again. On the way, everyone's eyes were fixed on them and I knew they got the news about it. They went to their lockers, then Andrew left for his class while Ben stayed behind. I sighed and walked to my class.

I didn't like them fighting, and I wanted them to be friends again.

I was thinking of talking to Andrew about it when I saw him earlier, but he was with Nate, so I didn't. It still bugged me that Nate was having an affair with a teacher not because I like him, but it was against the rules.

"You guys shouldn't have gone MIA on me..." Chloe pouted, then gave a sheepish grin. "But since Ben asked Louis to drop me. I forgive you all."

We were sitting at our usual place under the tree at lunch, and this time Ben was also with us.

"I still don't get how Louis helped with this," Ben mumbled, sipping his drink.

"I thought I explained it to you." Toby groaned.

"But still doesn't make any sense." He rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry Ben, I'll tell you." Chloe scooted towards him and leaned to his ear. "I like Louis!" she squealed, making Ben winced and jerked back.

"Ok, Woman." He rubbed his ear, and we laughed.

"Louis is my weakness. I was planning to bury you all alive, but when he came to me last night asking if he could drive me home..." She covered her face with her palm and squealed. "OMG! I couldn't be happier!"

"Why do you like him?" Ben scowled. "It's not like he's special." That made Chloe halt.

"Louis is special." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Tell me this, none of the Cliches won any awards last night, but the only one did. Know who?"

Ben rolled his eyes. "I know-"

"No!" Chloe cut him off. "You are supposed to ask 'who'?"

Ben scowled but still did. "Who?"

"Louis!" Chloe bounced. "And know why?" She paused and blinked her hazel eyes at Ben and he looked at me and Toby and we nodded our heads.

"... why...?" He asked unsurely.

"Because he's outstanding!" Chloe exclaimed, "Oh, and his speech was so good." She dramatically put her hand on her heart. "It touched here."

I took a bite of my sandwich and wondered what speech he gave.

"Louis is stupid." Ben scoffed, and Chloe gasped.

"No, he isn't! You are!" she huffed. "Why is he here again?" Chloe scowled, looking at me and Toby.

"He's hiding here so he wouldn't have to see Andrew and feel guilty." Toby snickered.

"Aww, Benjamin Forbes is feeling awful for beating his best friend?" Chloe smirked, and Toby winked at her.

"No, I'm not!" Ben shrieked. Toby and Chloe started teasing him while my mind went back to their fight.

It was my first time being in the middle of a fight and it didn't feel right. It was like my responsibility to get them together since I knew the reason.

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