6 - A long story

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^^Abigail Pierce

Lillian's POV

Benjamin dragged Toby and me to the nearest girls' bathroom and ordered the ones inside to leave. I gawked at the girls as they fled without complaining.

"Do you have an extra shirt?" Benjamin asked, motioning towards my sticky uniform.

"No. But I'll ask Chloe. I'm sure she'll have something."

"Then call her." I took my phone out and called Chloe but she didn't pick, so I texted her about my situation. I glanced up from my phone and saw Benjamin leaning on the counter and Toby stood near the door.

"Are you going to stay?" I asked, awkwardly shifting in my place.

"Does it matter if we do?" Benjamin arched his brow.

"You shouldn't be here," I said, clenching Toby's uniform jacket close to me. "It's girls' bathroom. You can get in trouble-"

"Do you really think my mom has the guts to expel me because I entered the girls' bathroom?" Benjamin scoffed, crossing his arms.

I forgot his mother was the principal.

"No, she won't," I answered, adjusting my glasses. Because of the soda, they were dirty and I couldn't see properly so I moved towards the counter and wiped my glasses with tissues.

I glanced up and saw Toby and Benjamin eyeing each other like they were using telepathy.

"We should have gone with my plan." Benjamin finally spoke. "Then this wouldn't have happened."

Toby scoffed. "Like cutting off her tongue was a good idea."

"What?!" I shirked and slapped my hand over my mouth and gaped at Benjamin. "That was your idea?"

He wouldn't have seriously done that... right?

Benjamin gave me a half-shrug. "It was better, and that way I wouldn't ever have to worry about you going around babbling about this and you could have avoided Gabrielle."

"It isn't her fault that your ex is after her, Ben." Toby snapped. I darted between them as they glared at each other. The air inside the bathroom suddenly got tensed, and I felt tension radiating from them.

"You are right." Benjamin gave him a tight smile. "It's not her fault, it's mine."

Toby sighed. "Ben I didn't say-"

"No, it is my fault," Benjamin repeated, pointing at himself. "It's my fault that my ex and my friends are after her. It's my fault that I called you that day at the library because I f**king missed you all break. It's my fault that she caught us and it's my fault that I'm keeping this a secret because I'm a f**king coward!" Benjamin fumed, all in a single breath.

I swallowed, frozen in my place, and observed him as his chest rose and fell. There was pin-drop silence, and only Benjamin's harsh breath was heard.

Toby closed his eyes and slumped his shoulders in defeat. "Ben-"

"Forget it," Benjamin growled and left the bathroom, closing the door with a bang.

I stared at Toby as he ran fingers through his hair in frustration. I opened and closed my mouth, not sure if I should question him, because I didn't want to intrude.

"Are you guys... Alright?" I asked in a low voice.

"Yeah." He massaged his forehead. I quietly stood there playing with my fingers, not knowing what to do. After a minute, Toby mumbled. "Actually No we're not ok."

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