10 - Awkward

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^^Ben's room

Lillian's POV

I woke from the pounding in my head and turned on the soft mattress below me. I squeezed my face on the soft silk pillow, which felt good on my skin, then froze.

Wait a minute... I don't have silk sheets, neither my bed is this soft.

I peeked through my eyes and saw an unfamiliar surrounding. It was dark as the curtains covered the window, preventing the sunlight in the room. I bit my lip and tried to remember where I was when I felt a movement behind me. My body tensed and my heart pounded as horrible scenarios flash through my brain. I peeked through the sheets and blew a breath of relief when I saw my last night's clothes on.

I slowly angled my head and relaxed when I saw Ben's sleeping form. Massaging my throbbing head, I studied the room. The room was as big as Chloe's but the total opposite. The walls were painted black, and the furniture was a wooden texture. I frowned.

How did I get here?

The last thing I remembered was helping Chloe, and we decided to go home. Then how I ended in Ben's room?

I glanced at the side table to look for a clock, and my eyes landed on a small frame. It was a childhood picture of Ben and Brittany. My eyes widened when a memory clicked in my mind. Brittany cornered me and gave me a drink. I didn't know that beers were this effective.

"You're up." I turned my head towards Ben, who watched me lazily.

"Yeah." I cleared my throat and stared at the ceiling as a blush crept slowly up to my cheeks.

I know he's gay, but I never imagined waking up in a hot guy's bed. I was glad that it was dark and he couldn't see it, or else it would have been awkward. From the corner of my eye, I saw him plopping his elbow on his pillow as he leaned his head on his palm.

"Are you feeling anything weird?" He asked and watched me with a calculated gaze.

"My head hurts," I whispered, rubbing it.

"That's it?" He asked, surprised. I nodded my head. "Wow... the first time got drunk I puked my guts out."

"Maybe I have a strong immune system." I chuckled and internally thanked my mother that she fed me healthy foods. "What happened and how did I end up here?" I asked, turning my head towards him.

"You got unconscious last night and Chloe wasn't sure if it was okay to get you home." He shrugged. "I suggested you should stay here for the night."

"Oh..." I murmured. "I didn't know one beer could make you unconscious like that."

"It wasn't the beer." He grunted, closing his eyes. "Brittany spiked you."

"What?!" I shrieked.

"She wanted you drunk, so she could make you spill the beans." He rolled his eyes.

"That's why she was forcing me to drink it."

I remembered I was getting water for Chloe when she cornered me and gave me the cup. I refused to drink, saying I don't, but she forced me to make a truce and wouldn't let me go. I was in a hurry to help Chloe, that I chugged it down. The drink tasted weird but I thought it was its usual flavor since I never drunk one before.

"She doesn't the meaning of let go." Ben scoffed. "But don't worry, she won't come near you again."

"What did you do?" I asked, curiously.

"Nothing." Ben shrugged. "But we fought and I know if she wants me to forgive her then she's going to stop obsessing over you."

"I'm sorry that you fought because of me," I mumbled, feeling guilty.

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