1- The Clichés

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^^Lillian Smith

Lillian's POV

Gawking two guys in a hot-blown make-out session in the mathematical section of the library was not what I expected my first day after Winter Vacations to be like.

And didn’t realize that seeing them was about to change my whole high school experience…

Must be wondering what I’m babbling about. Let me recap my day.

My alarm woke me up, blaring on the side table beside my bed. Yawning, I got up and stretched my limbs. My eyes darted to my calendar and a sigh escape my lips when I saw the red circle on today’s date.

First day of school.

I don’t hate schools on the contrary; I loved going to school and studying but since I got transferred to my new school I just want it to end.

I hopped out of my bed and went to my closet. Opening it, I grabbed my uniform that I neatly iron and prepared last night. It was a white shirt with a check blue knee-length skirt and the same color tie. I always organize things in advance because it was difficult to do things at the last moment and I liked to be prepared.

Last year, I got transferred to the most prestigious private high school in California, West High. I used to live in Hidden Hills with my parents and brother, but when my dad got promoted by his firm, he had to transfer here to West Hills. My brother was going to college, so he didn’t have any problem and my mom was a nurse, she easily got in the near hospital. As for me, I had to switch schools.

There were few more choices for me but my parents recommended me to take admission in West High, because of its reputation. I took the scholarship exam and easily got in with the help of my grades.

In my previous school, everyone used to call me a nerd because I was the top student and wore glasses. If studying hard to make a better future for yourself makes you a nerd, then yes, I am a nerd. And the glasses were not because of reading books all the time, they were the gift of playing video games with my brother at a young age.

I opened my room door and padded towards the bathroom that was on the other side of the hallway. Grabbing the doorknob, I pushed the door open and did my business.

Skipping the shower because I took it last night, I rinsed my face and brushed my teeth, then changed into my uniform. I combed my waist-length, straight brown hair and tied them in a braid. After putting moisturizing cream and chapstick on my dry lips, I ran to my room and grabbed my backpack that I prepared last night, and took my phone, glasses, and blue sweater.

Descending the stairs, I adjusted my red square frame glasses. I had a weak vision but not enough to wear all the time, I only wore them to high school so I wouldn’t have any difficulty with seeing the board if I get to sit in the back but lucky me none of my classmates except me wanted to sit in the front.

A smile spread across my face when I heard my parents’ voices coming from the kitchen.

Place for a watch. Well, that’s an easy... wrist.” I heard my dad as he solved the crossword.

Every morning my parents did crosswords together. It was their thing, I guess, and they took it seriously. One time they had this puzzle solved, except for one word. My brother and I watched my parents in amusement as they spend the entire day battling to solve it and in the end, they did.

“This one has a third letter ‘y’. Pen that is held by doctor frustrated-“


My dad snorted. “Okay, that was easy for you.”

My mom hummed in amusement. “Whenever I solve it, it’s easy for me.”

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