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^^West High corridor

Andrew's POV

After dropping Lillian at her house, I drove back to my home. When I entered, I heard my parents' voices coming from the living room and I knew they must be talking about Lillian. I walked upstairs to my room and heard Abigail's whimpers as she talked to AJ.

Sneaking to her room, I stood outside and listened to her.

"I hate her AJ. I really, really hate her. She's so pretty and smart and nice and kind and I'm nothing like her. Nate will never like me with her around. She's just a year younger than him and they go to the same school... They might even end up in the same college and I'll be left behind!" She sniffed. "I'm no match for her! Even daddy is impressed by her."

I sighed and entered her room. "How about you find someone of your age?"

"Andrew!" she shrieked and threw her pillow at me. "Eavesdropping is bad manners!"

"Says the girl who doesn't even know the spelling of it." I retorted, catching her pillow.

"I know!"

"Oh really," I smirked. "Then tell me, please."

"It's um... E.v...e.sdropping." She flipped her hair. "Told ya I knew it."

"It's e.a.v, not e.v." I chuckled.

"That's what I said." She stuck her tongue out.

"Of course you did." I rolled my eyes and walked into her room. "You shouldn't judge people you just met. You know nothing about Lillian." I sat beside her bed.

"I was not judging." She huffed and crossed her arms.

"You were and you know that." She ducked her head and played with her little finger. "You know... I don't like Nate for you. You deserve someone cooler than him, not a geek."

"I like a geek." She narrowed her eyes at me.

"There is a bro code between boys and that's never to date your friend's sister," I said, trying to change her mind. "He will never go for you."

"That's a stupid code." She said deadpan. "And I don't care. Nate is my prince charming."

"He thinks of you as his little sister."

"That doesn't make me his sister." She snorted.

"Abigail, he's old for you." I sighed. "I mean, when you'll be eighteen, he'll be like what... Twentynine something. Do you think he's going to wait for you that long?"

She opened her mouth but nothing came out, and I knew I hit the nail. "I... You can wait for love."

Shaking my head, I got up from her bed. "It's easier said than done. Do the math Abigail, I know you're good at it," I said, walking out of her room. "Come on AJ. Let's go for a walk."

I heard her groaning in frustration and sighed.

She needs to get over this obsession.

I changed into my grey hoodie and shorts and took AJ out for a ran. Every Sunday morning, I jogged around our streets with him. I passed the supermarket on my way and saw Chloe and Louis in the parking lot. Shaking my head, I continued running.

They must be shopping for the Singletines party next week.

After running for about an hour and playing with AJ, I came back home and gave him food and water. Then I walked to my room and took a quick shower. Feeling a little sleepy, I popped on my bed and closed my eyes.

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