29 - Meeting his family

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^^Andrew's room

Lillian's POV

Moaning, I woke up from my slumber and tossed in my bed. Laying on my stomach, I stuffed my face in the pillow when I heard a hammering sound on the wall.

Dad must be fixing the water pipe again.

I took a deep inhale and an unfamiliar scent hit my nose, making me frown. Sniffing it a smile took over my face at the musky sweet scent. Closing my eyes, I buried my face deep into the pillow, then tensed.

Wait... I use a jasmine scent perfume.

Jerking up from the pillow when I recognized it was a male cologne. A groan left my lips when my head throbbed and I understood it was not my dad but brain hammering. I massaged my forehead and looked around to see I was alone in an unknown room. Panicking, I glanced down to see I was in my camisole and pants.

Where's my shirt?

I turned my head around and saw my glasses on the side table. Quickly picking them up, I wore them and scrutinized the room. It was a boyish-looking room with soccer paintings on the off-white color wall. The shelf on both sides of the bed was filled with soccer trophies, mini car models, and picture frames.

I squinted my eyes and examine the pictures. In one there were three kids, two blonde and one with dark brown hair. It didn't take a genius to know the middle one was Andrew.

He looks so cute.

The little girl was Abigail and the other boy must be his older brother. A smile spread over my face as I observed other frames. There were some pictures of his whole family laughing, another one of him with a cute white puppy. There was also a picture of him and the Forbes twins and another of him with the Clichés.

Abruptly, a thought crossed my brain, and I went still.

I'm in... Andrew's room?

I looked around again and massage my forehead, trying to remember how I ended here. I was with Ben and Toby at the club. We drank tequila, then I met Trixie, and we went dancing and...

My eyes widened, and a gasp escaped my lips when I remembered I took my shirt off in front of the entire club. A grin took over my face and somehow I felt a little embarrassed and wild.

I can't believe I did that!

Then I remembered I was about to take my pants off too, but Andrew saved me from it. I whimpered when flashbacks of my chat with Andrew hit my brain.

That was awkward.

Getting back to reality, I took the soft grey duvet off me and carefully placed my foot on the floor, making no sound. I searched for my phone and it was still in my back pocket. There was a door on my right and I walked to it. On my way, my eyes darted to the mirror, and they widened. My make-up was a little smudged, and I was only wearing my camisole.

I can not leave like this!

Turning around, I looked for something to wear when my eyes caught a sleeping figure on the floor. Tilting my head, I observed Andrew, who lay on his stomach and felt guilty that he had to sleep on the floor because of me. I tiptoed to him and crouch down, covering him with the duvet.

My eyes went to his face, and my lips curled up in a smile. I moved his dark brown locks from his forehead and he stirred, making me tense, but he didn't wake up.

Sighing in relief, I got up and saw a black shirt on his chair near the study table. There was a notebook on it and I thought of thanking him for last night. I picked the pen and wrote a note.

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