2 - Our little secret

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^^Benjamin Forbes

Lillian's POV

Benjamin Forbes.

My wide eyes roamed over his figure as he stood there, panting. Few buttons of his shirt were open and his tie was nowhere to be found. His blond hair was a mess and his lips were swollen from the kiss.

Is Ben...

"What?!" He snarled, making me flinch. Did I say that out loud? His face turned red, and he looked furious.

I shook my head. "N-nothing." Crouching, I grab my book from the floor. "I-I was just passing by..." I choked and looked between them. "Please don't mind me and continue with..." I gestured between them then sprinted when I heard Benjamin growled.

"Stop!" He shouted from behind but I kept running for my life. Reaching the library gate, I yanked it open and was about to step out.

But luck was not on my side.

He caught up with me and jerked me back. Slamming the door shut, he shoved me against it. I squeezed my eyes shut and nudged myself to the door as much as I could to stay away from him.

Is this how I'm going to die?

No one will realize me missing except for my parents. I'm sure when they'll come here searching for me but wouldn't be able to find me because I never existed here. Even if anyone saw me coming to the library, they wouldn't know who I am.

I felt him hovering over me, and didn't dare open my eyes and start rambling.

"Please don't kill me. I'm sure whatever misunderstanding we have, we can sort it out. I wasn't spying or anything, I swear! I heard groans and thought someone was in pain, that's why I came there. I didn't purposely do it. I always come to the library at lunch- "

"Can you shut it!" Benjamin growled I slammed my mouth shut and pressed my lips together. "What am I going to do with you." He muttered.

My heart pounded in my chest, and I internally began praying for my life. Everyone knew Benjamin has anger issues, and I have witnessed it too.

One time after school I was going towards my bicycle with Chloe when I saw Benjamin furiously punching someone while his friends tried to stop him. The guy was badly injured and was admitted to the hospital. Benjamin got away with a month's suspension because his mother is the principal.

No one knew why he beat the guy. Chloe told me it wasn't his first time doing that. He goes around beating people without a reason.

But today he has a reason.

"Ben..." I heard Toby's voice from behind. "Let her go." I peeked through my right eye and saw an angry-looking Benjamin, now shocked at what Toby said.

"No way!" He shrieked, then pointed at me. "She's going to tell everyone!"

"I won't!" I intervened. Benjamin snapped his irritated gaze at me, making me squint.

"She won't tell anyone." Toby sighed at Benjamin's reaction and glanced at me with soft eyes. "Right?"

"Tell w-what? I didn't see a-anything." I shuttered and gave a nervous laugh. "I'm blind," I said, pointing at my glasses. Benjamin raised his brows at my stupidity while Toby snickered.

"I will not let her go. I can't take a risk." Benjamin said, and my heart fell.

I'm dead.

"I know her..." Toby said, putting a hand on Benjamin's shoulder. "She doesn't go gossiping around."

I was so grateful to Toby for having my back. The previous year we had few classes together, and he was once my partner in English. He's a nice guy, and I wondered how he and Benjamin got in this.

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