22 - You like her

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^^West High Cafeteria

Lillian's POV

I peeked from my window curtain and watched Andrew drove away. When he was gone, I walked towards my living room and saw my dad watching the news on TV.

"Hi, Dad." He turned his head towards me and frowned.

"You're home early." He glanced at the clock. "Is the even over already?"

"No..." I mumbled, playing with my finger. "I just got tired."

"Alright. How was it?"

"Memorable," I answered, at which he chuckled.

"Don't worry. I won't make you spill everything like your mom." I gave him a grateful smile.

"She isn't home yet?" I asked, looking around.

"No." He shook his head. "I called her and she said it'll still take few hours."

"And you're going to wait for her."

"I can't sleep until she gets home safely." He answered.

"I know." I smiled. "I'm going to go change..." I yawned, suddenly feeling drained. "And sleep."

"Do you want to eat something?"

"No. I'm full." I went to him and kissed his cheek.

"Alright." He kissed me back. "Have sweet dreams."

I lumbered to my room and took my plain grey shirt and black trousers out of my closet. I was about to walk out of my room but stopped when my phone blared.

I squeezed my eyes shut when I saw Chloe's name on it, and I knew I was in trouble. Picking up my phone, I sat on my bed.

"Hi, Chloe-"

"Don't 'Hi' me!" I winced and pulled my phone away from my ear at her shrilling angry voice. "Where are you?!"


"Home...? Why are you at home when you should be here with me?!" There were few murmuring sounds in the background. She must be outside the ballroom, that's why I could hear her clearly.


"I've been looking everywhere for you and Toby and Ben, but I found no one! And then out of the blue Toby texted me you all are going home because you are tired! They just announced the group category award and guess what?" She paused, and I knew she was waiting for me to ask.


"We didn't win! And you know why?" She paused again.

"Why?" I asked cautiously.

"Because my group wasn't present for the awards?!"

I sighed. "I'm sorry Chloe."

"No. This is wrong Lillian." She used my full name, which meant she was definitely annoyed. "You can't leave me alone like this."

"She's not alone!" I heard Madeleine's voice from behind.

"What I meant is..." Chloe gritted and I could imagine her giving Madeleine her mad look. "You can't leave a zombie with a Frankenstein couple! We are a group of zombies and we need to stay together!"

"I'm so sorry Chloe..." I ducked my head, feeling guilty. "I was looking for you but then things got... rough."

"What happened?" Her voice turned curious.

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