27 - Gay Club (1)

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^^The club

Lillian's POV




Groaning, I turned on my mattress and pulled the blanket over my head to avoid my phone blazing, but nothing helped. I sighed and got up from my bed, eyeing my phone on my study table, which was on the other side of my small room. I kept my phone far from me while sleeping because its electromagnetic radiation is harmful to your health and sleep.

I got up from my bed and glanced at the time to see eight in the morning. It was Saturday; I thought who would be awake this early. I usually wake up at nine.

My brows knitted in confusion when I saw Chloe's name on it. She's not a morning person, and it made me wondered if she was in trouble.

"Hello-" I greeted, but she cut me off with her whine.

"Lilly! You won't believe what happened!" she sobbed.

"What?" I walked to my bed and sat on it crossed legs.

"Check your email right now!"


"Just do it!"

"Okay..." I sighed and opened my mail on my phone. There was a new one from Louis.

"Did you see it?!" Chloe shouted from the speaker.

"I'm opening it."

"Read it out loud."

"Alright..." It was an invitation to a party. The subject of the mail was Loner Wolf. "I, Loner Wolf aka Louis Young, invite you to a party of the year. The party where you won't feel lonely just because you are single on Valentine's day. Yes, you read it right. I am inviting you to the Singletines..." I paused. "Single-what?"

"Singletines," Chloe repeated. "I love his idea of how he put these words together..." she murmured.

"More details will be available to you soon." I was impressed by how decently he wrote it. "P.S you are supposed to come alone." I finished.

"Can you believe this?! Louis is organizing a party on Valentine's day for singles!" She shrieked. "Now what about me?! I wanted to ask him to be mine, but how will I do it when he's planning a party for singles!"

"Um..." I trailed off, not sure what to say. "You can still ask him-"

"No." She firmly said. "He wants to be 'single' during Valentine's. I'm not asking him, it will be awkward."

"Then what are you planning to do?"

"I'm going to burn the freaking letter I struggle on for days and pretend nothing happened." She said in a honeyed voice. I knew it hurt her.

"Don't burn it, Chloe. You worked hard on it."

"I just wrote a few lines in it." She sighed. "Want me to read it?"

"Please go ahead."

"Dear Louis Young. I've thrown away a lot of letters just to make the perfect one, and I don't know if this is the one or not, which I'll decide on in the end, but I want to tell you I love you. I've been in love with you since freshman year... And that's it." She finished.

"It's not that bad you can complete it."

"But what's the use. At this rate, I'll never be to tell him my feelings." She sniffed.

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