Twilight (GAHHHHHHHHH....Need I Say More?)

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Okay. I hate Twilight, period.

My parents, unfortunately love them (why are most Indian adults suckers for romance?) and I had to go through it without pointing out the severe, severe flaws that Twilight has. And when I asked them why they like it, they literally said, " It's a love story. Someday, you'll understand what falling in love feels like."

Well, I'm sorry, but Bella and Edward are not interesting! I would like to be able to relate to the characters and see them develop! Also, I never been in love but I'm pretty sure I don't want a boyfriend that tries to stops me from seeing my friends. If he did that to me....

Me: Uh. No. Bye-bye relationship.

(I'm going to bash Bollywood movie leads as well, but this is to compare why people like Twilight.)

I think the reason why most Indian people like Twilight is because of the fact that their female leads are just as bland as Bella. And the male leads can be just as bland and (dare I say it) controlling as Edward. And while we're on the subject of Bella, an Internet critic called The Nostalgia Critic aka Doug Walker stated that Bella was the most manipulative and male dependant person he has ever seen on screen. He said a lot more, but check out his videos, it's there.

*sighs* Okay, enough with the bashing of the series, you're here to see me rant about the fanfics that are spawned off this shit. And......

Why are there fanfics about Twilight to begin with?

It's not a world where other things are possible like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or even Fairy Tail. Forks is boring. While New York was a normal city like Forks, Riordan made it a place where anything out of the ordinary can happen. Britain, a place already steaming with a rich fan base background like Doctor Who and Sherlock, was made into a place where you can feel suspense and hope at the same time. Fairy Tail.......Mashima made it a place where you want to come back to. You could say that it was slightly improvised from Harry Potter in terms of the themes, but the place is very creative and also created loads of possibilities. All of these worlds have spawned off countless theories and head cannons about what will happen next, what happens after a series or in Harry Potter's case, what the Marauders did during their school days.

And what did Twilight offer us? A story as predictable as it can get, bland and unlikable characters, and nothing to create something new.....and 50 Shades of Grey. Don't believe me? Search it up, it was based off a Twilight fanfic. Meyer didn't create something new, or in my opinion, give vampires the proper dignity that they had in the past. Even Wizards of Waverly Place got the Werewolf and Vampire lore right, and it's freaking Disney! I'll give Meyer credit for trying to come up with something creative for vampires (the vegetarian thing is kinda cool and the explanation for the color-changing eyes is nice), but honestly, sparkling fairies is not what most people picture when they hear vampire. (Insert picture comparing Edward Cullen and Dracula here)

And for all you noobs out there, I don't hate Stephanie Meyer. I just don't like her books. I'm not saying this to her face because as an author, she has the chance to improve just as much as every author does. But my point still stands: you can write Twilight fanfics, I just don't see the appeal in writing or reading them.

So that's my rant on Twilight fanfics (and Twilight in general XD). Wow. This is definitely one of my longer ones.

What do you think? Comment below and let me know about what you want me to rant about next! :D

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