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HOPE STORMS DOWN THE STAIRS TO the werewolf changing cells where she found Natalie's mom pacing back and forth

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HOPE STORMS DOWN THE STAIRS TO the werewolf changing cells where she found Natalie's mom pacing back and forth. The pacing comes to a halt as she looks over at Hope, anger clear as day on the teen's face.

"You must be Hope," Victoria states her observation.

"I am," Hope answers.

"Look I told your aunt and my sister everything I know," Victoria says dismissively, "I have nothing to say to you."

"Really?" Hope asks, "I think out of everyone you owe me the biggest explanation. I am the one whose life you're trying to take."

"How was I to know that you were going to grow up into the woman that you are?" Victoria states defensively, "All I knew about your family was that they were monsters and that you were going to turn out just like them."

"That's unfair," Hope insists, "No one is born evil."

Victoria sighs, "So they told you the truth. I'm sure Natalie is aware as well, why hasn't she come to speak with me?"

"Natalie doesn't know the truth yet," Hope informs her, "But she knows that something is wrong, and it will only be a matter of time before she finds out what you did to her."

"Why are you here, Hope?" Victoria wonders, "What answer do you think I can give you?"

"None," Hope tells her, "But I want to tell you something. Natalie triggered her werewolf curse when she killed you. You probably don't know this but werewolves have mates. I'm Natalie's and she's mine."

"I know about werewolf mating. My husband was a wolf and I was his mate. However, none of that matters. Her desire to kill you will be stronger than any mate bond," Victoria says unfazed, "There are more than a thousand witches that want you dead."

Hope scoffs, "People have wanted me dead my entire life."

"None of them have been the girl that you love though," Victoria notes and Hope looks away from Victoria, unsure if it's shame or if she's embarrassed that the first person aware that she's in love with Natalie is her mother who wants her dead.

"Have you told her?" Victoria asks.

"No," Hope answers.

"I know that I'm the villain here, but Hope you have to understand that I didn't know that you would mate with my daughter. All I wanted was power. I didn't care about the repercussions for myself or Natalie."

"That's obvious," Hope states, she was angry, but this was still Natalie's mother. She wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, something Natalie had done when she first met her, "Let me ask you something, do you regret it? Any of it?"

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