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BONNIE BENNETT made her way through the halls of Mystic Falls High

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BONNIE BENNETT made her way through the halls of Mystic Falls High. She would have enjoyed the nostalgic feeling of being in her old high school if it weren't for the fact that her niece had set her chemistry class on fire.

The door to the principal's office was open and Bonnie could see Natalie's rigid frame sitting in the seat across from her principal. Good, Natalie was aware that Bonnie was going to kill her after this.

"Principal Daughtry," Bonnie said as she entered the office, "I came as soon as you called."

"Ah Ms. Bennett, thank you for coming. Fortunately, we were able to get the fire under control. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Natalie has been involved in an incident such as this."

"I'm aware," Bonnie mutters as she glances over at Natalie. Her niece looks elsewhere, avoiding Bonnie's gaze. Last year it had been a flood in the women's restroom, this year, Natalie seemed to have a thing for flames, starting a fire in cooking class and now in chemistry.

"I'm sorry," Natalie mutters, "Our burner wasn't working and," she cuts herself as she recalls that she wasn't alone with her aunt. Bonnie knew that Natalie had probably used magic to get their fire started and it had probably gotten out of control.

"I'm afraid sorry isn't going to cut it this time, Miss, Bennett," Principal Daughtry said, "Natalie is an excellent student, but these incidents seem to happen too frequently. Unfortunately, we're going to have to expel her."

Natalie groaned from beside her, "Now I can't go to college."

"Excuse her," Bonnie says quickly, "I completely understand your decision, Principal Daughtry. Is there any way we can appeal this? As you said, Natalie is a good student," she glances at her niece, "Reckless, but very studious."

"I'm aware, that's why this decision pains me. These incidents involving Natalie have put far too many students at risk and so she must be expelled," Principal Daughtry states, shoving the glasses back up the bridge of her nose, "You may appeal the expulsion if that is what you wish."

"I'm so sorry Principal Daughtry," Bonnie apologizes, "And I know that Natalie is very sorry for all that happened."

"Very very sorry," Natalie says sheepishly.

Bonnie stands and Natalie follows suit, grabbing her book bag and shrugging it on to one shoulder. They leave the office and Natalie walks with her head hung shame evident through her body language.

"I cleaned out my locker already," Natalie told her softly and Bonnie nodded.

They get in the car and Bonnie glances over at Natalie, "What happened today?"

"It was a simple spell, I thought everything would be fine, but I forgot that it was near the full moon," Natalie muttered, and Bonnie understood. Whenever it was near the full moon, Natalie's magic would act up. She couldn't help it, it just did.

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