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"YOU SET JOSIE UP WITH THE NEW GIRL? What the hell is wrong with you?" Lizzie shouts at Natalie, causing the shorter girl to cower away

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"YOU SET JOSIE UP WITH THE NEW GIRL? What the hell is wrong with you?" Lizzie shouts at Natalie, causing the shorter girl to cower away.

"Nothing!" Natalie exclaims, "I just think it would be healthy for Josie to hang out with someone that isn't, well, us."

Lizzie pauses, thinking on Natalie's words, "Huh, you're right."

"I am," Natalie states, "Very right."

Lizzie sighs audibly, turning dramatically as she flips her long blonde hair over her shoulder, "You know this is becoming like an episode of the L Word. First, you and Josie were all Alice and Dana and now you're-"

"Okay I'm gonna stop you right there," Natalie interrupts, "First, there are so many other shows to reference, please stop using the L Word. It's dated. Second, don't ever compare Josie and me to Dana and Alice again. Like ever."

"Fine, how about Alex and Piper."

"Lizzie, please stop!" Natalie exclaims, "Please just stick to the basic stuff."

Lizzie shrugs, "Okay, but all I'm saying is that it's a bit weird that you're trying to dish Josie off on the new girl so that you feel less guilty about pursuing Maya."

"I'm not pursuing Maya," Natalie states, and she wasn't. She needed a date to the dance and normally she would go with Josie. Since that wasn't an option, she settled on Maya, her new friend who also happened to like girls.

"Sure," Lizzie says, her tone displaying how she didn't believe Natalie a bit.

"Anyway, Hope is – I think that Hope and Josie may have had a thing. In a past life," Natalie says covering her tracks. She'd thought about what Hope said a lot and all signs pointed to Josie being the girl she'd had a thing with.

"A past life?" Lizzie asks, "What the hell does that mean?"

"You know, soulmates or whatever," Natalie says.

"Right," Lizzie says nodding her head, "Anyway I can't linger here, I have something to do."

Natalie's eyebrows furrow, "What is that something?"

Lizzie practically beams as she looks at Natalie, "Well now that you've brought it up-"

"-I didn't bring it up, you did."

"His name is Sebastian."

Natalie blinks, "Does he go to Mystic Falls or something?"

There was no one at the Salvatore School named Sebastian, which was somewhat surprising to Natalie. Sebastian was like the perfect vampire name in her opinion.

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