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NATALIE RAN DOWNSTAIRS TO FIND the rest of the group. She was surprised to see Jed and Rafael. Rafael because his brain was all out of whack from the night when he bit MG and Jed because he almost killed Landon the last time they were in the same space.

"Ready?" Hope asked her and Natalie nodded as she glanced wearily at Rafael.

The werewolf alpha frowned as he looked down at her, "What?"

"Are you up to this?" Natalie asked him.

"He's not coming," Hope answers, "Jed's his replacement."

Kaleb glances around, "Where's MG?"

"He's coming," Hope says, "Let's go ahead and load up the truck while we wait for him."

They make their way outside only to run into men dressed in tactical gear and carrying riot shields. Natalie's eyes narrowed at the sight.

"Oh we were about to knock," one of the guys says with a smile. Natalie frowned at the sight of his mustache. It was childish, but she didn't trust men with mustaches.

"Who the hell are you?" Lizzie asks from beside her sister.

"Name's Burr. Triad Industries."

"Propellere," Hope says, but nothing happens. Something they were doing was preventing them from using magic.

Kaleb tosses his bag on the ground, "I got this."

He speeds over to the man, but once he steps into the sun, he begins to burn. Kaleb lets out a scream before running back under the cover along with the rest of them.

"What you don't got is magic," Burr states, "Which is why your daylight ring won't work. And what we have are stakes, wolfsbane, and other things. So, I think you should invite us inside."

"You know, this is kinda messed up," Natalie says with a shrug, "You're okay with killing a bunch of kids?"

"Y'all aren't kids. You're monsters. Now if you'll excuse us."

Natalie glances over at Hope who doesn't seem to have a plan, which meant that they had no choice but to let the Triad men into the school. They follow the men inside who quickly round up the rest of the Salvatore students, gathering them all in the main hall while they take the stairs.

"We're here for an artifact known as the Chalice of Arimathea," Burr informs them, "We have reason to believe its part of your school's collection. The sooner you help us find it the sooner we'll be gone."

Natalie glances over at Jed and nods for him to follow her. The two of them silently slip away from the rest of the group.

"Right now, the wolves are the only ones that can stand up against these guys," Natalie whispers.

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