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"I'M REALLY SORRY FOR KISSING YOU - no that sounds bad."

Natalie sighs as she looks at her mirror. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as she looks at her reflection. She smiles kindly, "Did you like the kiss because I did too – no that is weird."

Natalie rolls her eyes as she turns away from the mirror, "I am stupid. I shouldn't have kissed Hope."

She collapses on her bed, only to jump up when the front door of her bedroom is thrown open. She sits up quickly to see Josie storming into her room and collapsing on the bed beside her. Natalie glances over at the siphon.

"You alright there, Jo?"

"No," is Josie's muffled answer.

Natalie chuckles as she stands from the bed and closes her bedroom door before climbing back onto her bed and looking at Josie. She watches as her best friend sits up and pushes her hair out of her face.

"I know that we're in a weird place right now, but I need my best friend," Josie tells her.

"I need my best friend too," Natalie replies.

"So, for a moment can we pretend that things are the way they were before we told each other about our feelings, and you mated with Hope and things are normal?" Josie asks.

"No feelings. No Hope. Just us," Natalie says, and Josie beams up at her.

"Lizzie knew that Penelope was leaving, and she didn't tell me, and I am so mad at her. I just feel like she is selfish, and she doesn't care about anyone other than herself."

Natalie had to agree that Lizzie did have a selfish streak, but she wasn't completely to blame. Josie did allow her twin sister to walk over her a bit.

"I agree," Natalie tells her, "It was wrong of Lizzie not to tell you about Penelope leaving. But you should have told Lizzie that you wanted to compete. We both know that you could have won."

Josie sighs, "I know. Penelope told me she thought I could win."

"She was right," Natalie states.

"I uh I think that I'm not as over her as I claimed," Josie confesses, and Natalie can't help but laugh.

"Yeah, I kind of knew that when you were drunk on slugs making out with her."

Josie gasps dramatically, "I was not making out with her. Besides, what about your little kiss with Hope?"

"You know about that?" Natalie asks and Josie chuckles.

"Everyone knows about it. It's all anyone is talking about today," Josie informs her, making Natalie feel even more guilty.

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