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BONNIE UNLOCKED THE FRONT DOOR OF her house, ignoring her niece's loud sighs from behind her

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BONNIE UNLOCKED THE FRONT DOOR OF her house, ignoring her niece's loud sighs from behind her.

"I'm fine," Natalie states from behind her, "So you can let me go back to school and sleep in my dorm."

"This is for your own safety," Bonnie says as she flicks on the lights to the house. Natalie rolls her eyes as she throws her bag on the ground. She hears a creak of a floorboard and jerks back up. Bonnie looks back at her, "What is it?"

"Someone is in here," Natalie tells her, stepping in front of her aunt. She walked slowly into the kitchen, turning on the light. A man stands there, and Natalie knows exactly who he is. There were pictures of him hidden in a box in Bonnie's bedroom.

He turns to face her, that's when Natalie notices the picture frame in his hand. It's a picture of Natalie and Bonnie from her thirteenth birthday. He calmly places it on the counter and grins at her.

"Hello there, you must be Natalie."

Bonnie's steps quicken behind her as she stands beside Natalie. Though she hasn't exactly mastered the art of super hearing, she does notice the way her aunt's heartbeat speeds up in her chest at the sight of the man standing in their kitchen.

"Enzo," Bonnie says softly.

"It's been a minute, love."

A shaky breath escapes Bonnie before she rushes forward into Enzo's arms who catches her with ease. Natalie smiles at the scene. Her entire life she wanted to offer her aunt some sort of happiness or reprieve from everything she had been through and she finally did it.

"Well," Natalie says as she takes a step backward, "The two of you need time to catch up so I'll drive myself back to school."

She expects her aunt to protest, but Bonnie doesn't. She takes a step back from Enzo, her smile wide as ever on her face, "Fine, just don't eat your classmates."

Natalie rolls her eyes, but nods her head, "I'll see you two later."

She grabs her bag and throws it over her shoulder as she heads outside to her car. She climbs inside and can't help as she lets out a celebratory scream. She had not only managed to bring her mother back to life, but Enzo as well.

"You are a bad bitch, Bennett!" Natalie exclaims to herself, "No more accidental fires, now we're bringing people back to life!"

And then the realization hits her like a ton of bricks. She had died. And when a witch dies with vampire blood in her system, she becomes an abomination of nature. Dark magic or not, Natalie was now an abomination in the eyes of the witches.

She thought about attempting a spell, but what was the point. She didn't want evidence to support the fact that she already knew was true. With a sigh she put her key in the ignition of the car and started it, backing it out of the driveway.

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