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THEY WANDER THE WOODS which were eerily silent

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THEY WANDER THE WOODS which were eerily silent. They were far enough away that they couldn't hear the music from the school anymore which made Natalie feel extremely terrified.

"MG, listen for her breathing," Hope instructed.

"Hold on, I hear something. Shovel," Natalie hands him hers and he begins to dig, when suddenly a hand reaches up from the ground, grabbing MG's leg. A zombie pulls itself from the ground and Penelope is quick to act, stabbing it in the shoulder.

Natalie snatches the shovel from her and stabs the zombie in the head, causing it to fall to the ground.

"Always aim for the head," MG says as he stands and brushes himself off, "Everybody knows that."

"Every nerd maybe," Penelope says, and she looks at Natalie as though she's implying that the Bennett witch falls under that category.

Natalie frowns, "I am not a nerd, okay? I just know zombie-slaying 101. In case of an apocalypse."

Penelope nods her head, clearly not believing what Natalie just told her, "Right."

A loud groan can be heard, and Natalie can see another zombie clawing its way through the ground, then another and another. Natalie takes a step back and bumps into Hope.

"You're the most powerful being on the planet, can't you make them disappear?" Natalie asks as she looks at her.

"No Natalie. It doesn't work like that," Hope tells her as she stabs and approaching zombie in the head, "MG, we can handle this, you go find Josie."

"Got it," MG says before speeding off.

"So how do we want to do this?" Hope asks the two of them. Natalie would have much preferred to use magic because physical activity was still not her favorite thing in the world.

"I say we DIY and pretend they're Lizzie Saltzman," Penelope suggests, surprising Natalie. She'd never thought Penelope would be one for physical activity either.

"Works for me," Hope says as she stabs a zombie in the head.

Natalie stabs a zombie in the head, watching as it slumps to ground, "This is so gross."

MG digs up a grave, that turns out to be another zombie. Hope rushes over to help him, stabbing the zombie in the head.

"Hope behind you!" Natalie shouts, but the zombie sneaks up on Hope, causing her to drop her shovel.

"Penelope ax!" Hope shouts and Penelope tosses her the ax, which Hope uses to cut the zombie's head off. She glares at MG, "Damn it, MG, get up and find her."

"I can't! There's too much noise."

"Then focus!" Natalie yells, "Josie only has so much time!"

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